Festivals In Arrecife

San Ginés Festival

Step right into the traditional fiestas of Arrecife, folks, during the most buzzing time of year - the San Ginés Festival. The town buzzes with excitement every August (usually around the 25th) in honor of their patron saint, San Ginés. Picture live music echoing through the streets, performers and dancers bringing the city to life, and brightly colored local market stalls offering up all kinds of unique treasures. The highlight? The breath-taking maritime procession – now there's a sight the kids won't forget!

Día de Canarias

Next on our exciting list is Día de Canarias, a fantastic ensemble of laughter, joy, and Canarian spirit. Mark your calendars for the 30th of May! Canary Island’s day celebrates the Canary Islands' autonomy and, my dear friends, the festive spirit is alive! Expect traditional Canarian wrestling, a folk music festival that's like a concert from days of yore, and, for the foodies among us, sampling of the delicious local cuisine. And the traditional costumes? Magnificently vibrant!

Carnival of Arrecife

No visit to Arrecife is complete without immersing yourself in the boisterous Carnival. In February or early March (depending on the lunar calendar), the city erupts with vibrant energy and colourful costumes, as locals and tourists alike take part in one of the biggest parties of the year. There's non-stop music, dancing, parades and all sorts of fun competitions. Reminiscent of a kaleidoscope of colours and joy, the Arrecife Carnival is a whirlwind of eccentric and delightful revelry. Believe me when I say, this is not an event to be missed!

Corpus Christi

Last but certainly not least, let's set our sights on Corpus Christi. Occurring about 60 days after Easter, the festival is famous for its 'carpets of salt', an awe-inspiring display of art made entirely from coloured salts. Each year, local artists meticulously construct the carpets throughout Arrecife, turning the city into an open-air museum. It's an artistic spectacle that allows for some truly stunning photo opportunities. Do remember to tread lightly around the 'carpets'; trust me, you don't want to be the one to smear the Mona Lisa!