Best Places To Stay In Key West

Immerse yourself in the charm and allure of Key West through this enlightening exploration of top-notch accommodations. Whether you're in search of the quintessential beach getaway, seeking refuge in a secret garden, or yearning for that homespun, quaint cottage appeal, each of these glorious retreats has something unique to offer. From the historic charm of Simonton Court Historic Inn & Cottages and the intimate elegance of The Marquesa Hotel to the alluring beachfront views of Southernmost Beach Resort and the luxury of Santa Maria Suites Resort, buckle up and prepare to unveil the best places to stay in Key West that will indubitably transform your vacation into a radiant mirage of unforgettable moments.

  • The Marquesa Hotel

    You know those places that make you feel like you've discovered a secret treasure? The Marquesa Hotel in Key West, United States of America, is exactly that kind of place. Nestled in the heart of Key West, this quaint, charming hotel is imbued with an old-world charm that beckons you to step back in time. The perfectly restored 19th-century buildings, the picturesque pool, and the lush, overgrown gardens, dappled with sunlight, make for a truly magical stay. Now, imagine all of this, plus the hint of mystery that comes when a place whispers stories of its vibrant history. Pretty amazing, right? And let me tell you, the Marquesa’s enchanting allure is no fairy-tale; it’s as real as the refreshing sea breeze you'll undoubtedly fall in love with.

  • Southernmost Beach Resort

    Nestled in the corner of the enchanting Key West is the Southernmost Beach Resort - a tropical paradise that offers an unparalleled blend of luxury and charm. This blissful oasis, boasting powder-white sands and crystal-clear waters, promises a serene retreat amidst the Florida Keys' vibrant atmosphere. With its warm hospitality, top-notch amenities, and breathtaking oceanic views, the Southernmost Beach Resort offers a unique Floridian escape that leaves visitors yearning for more. So, if you're craving an exotic beach getaway filled with sun-soaked afternoons and starlit evenings, this hidden gem is your ticket to pure seaside bliss.

  • Simonton Court Historic Inn & Cottages

    Tucked away in the charming heart of Key West, the Simonton Court Historic Inn & Cottages offers its guests a delightful experience drenched in history and local charm. Once a cigar factory in the 19th century, this unique destination now serves as an intimate retreat, presenting a delightful blend of past and present. Its quaint cottages, lush gardens, and inviting pools create an atmosphere of tranquil relaxation, while the vibrant energy of Duval Street is just a short stroll away. So, come and immerse yourself in the vintage charm of Simonton Court - your old-world paradise amidst the tropical allure of Key West.

  • Key West Hotel Exterior
    A serene view of The Gardens Hotel in Key West, featuring its charming blue and white exterior with tropical landscaping.
    The Gardens Hotel

    Nestled within the tropical Eden of Florida's Key West, The Gardens Hotel dazzles its guests with an embrace of historic charisma and modern comforts. Once an estate with cameos in 19th-century aristocracy, this restored gem bursts with lush gardens, melodious chirping of exotic birds, and a breathtaking lagoon-style pool - a perfect oasis of tranquility within stumbling distance of the lively Duval Street. Infused with the charm of a bygone era and a hospitable staff, The Gardens Hotel offers a captivating vacation where luxury, comfort, and the natural beauty of the Keys blend seamlessly.

  • Santa Maria Suites Resort

    Nestled in the heart of Key West, Santa Maria Suites Resort is a tropical gem ready to welcome travelers from all walks of life! This luxurious yet charming resort offers spacious suites equipped with modern amenities to ensure maximum comfort. Plus, there's no better place to savor the vibrant beauty of Key West's famous sunsets than from the comfort of the resort's poolside. Whether you're on a romantic getaway or family vacation, Santa Maria Suites Resort promises a mix of relaxation, adventure, and a generous dose of Florida's laid-back lifestyle - exactly what you need on a memorable getaway!