Museums in Santa Eulalia del Río

Museu de Puig de Missa

A classic gem nested in Santa Eulalia del Río, the Museu de Puig de Missa is a cavern of cultural and historical wealth. Housed in a beautifully preserved 17th century traditional house, it exhibits the interior design and the way of living on the island back decades ago. A nostalgic rendezvous with the olden days of Ibiza!

Museu Etnogràfic d'Eivissa

For those with a fondness for bygone eras, the Museu Etnogràfic d'Eivissa is your time travel ticket. Capturing local culture with a rich collection of artifacts, this museum gives you the rare chance to understand elements of Pitiüsa society and their customs. Here's where you begin your love story with Ibiza's roots!

Barrau Museum

Art enthusiasts, you'd better pin the Barrau Museum on your itinerary! Celebrating the life and works of painter Laureá Barrau, the museum is a vibrant blend of colors, emotions and stories, all framed into beautiful canvases. Art with an Ibiza twist.

Casa Broner

Casa Broner, a must-visit, is not simply a museum, but an emblem of modernist architecture. Designed by German architect Erwin Broner, it's a masterpiece that combines the simplicity of functionalism with the warm charm of the Mediterranean. Don't miss the chance to tour this architectural marvel!

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