The Most Common Information Before a First Trip to Santa Eulalia del Río

Where is Santa Eulalia del Río on map

Now, imagine this. Zip off the edge of Europe, leapfrog across the cerulean Balearic Sea, and land smack dab in the middle of the sun-drenched island of Ibiza. You are in Santa Eulalia del Río! Nestled on the eastern coast, this little gem of a town basks right by the glittering Mediterannean, just 21 kilometres from Ibiza Town.

Let's pull out those imaginary compasses. Northwards will lead you to bustling San Juan, while the enchanting Es Canar sits to the south-east. Westward, beyond the rolling hills and sleepy rural landscapes, you'll stumble upon the island's capital, Ibiza Town.

How big is Santa Eulalia del Río

Ah, the charm of Santa Eulalia del Río! It's like slipping into a snug, cozy coat. Not too sprawling, yet far from being too small, the town covers around 153.66 square kilometers, and every inch promises a delightful discovery.

Think of it: even though it's Ibiza's third-largest town, its size is what gives it an intimate, welcoming air. Embraced by hills, adorned with century-old churches, and peppered with pristine beaches, Santa Eulalia del Río is a carefully wrapped small-town package bursting with big-town splendour.

How many people live in Santa Eulalia del Río

Ever wonder what it's like to live on a sun-drenched Mediterranean island? Roughly around 36,000 lucky folks call Santa Eulalia del Río their home! In this quaint Ibicenco town, it's easy to get to know your neighbours or bump into a friendly face around every sun-bleached corner.

But don't let this fool you into thinking you've wandered into a sleepy hamlet. Once tourism season kicks in, Santa Eulalia del Río blossoms into a buzzing cultural hotspot. It's a town that wears many hats: sleepily tranquil for its locals, exuberantly welcoming for its visitors. Every summertime, the population virtually doubles, delivering a delightful, impromptu celebration. Now, isn't that a fiesta you'd want to join?