Philippines Travel Information

Wrestling with the desire to pack your bags and plunge into a tropical dream? Look no further than the Philippines, a tropical wonderland that weaves a vibrant tapestry of history, culture, and dazzling natural beauty.

Craving a bite of history? The Philippines has a rich smorgasbord to offer. Inhabited for around 40,000 years, this archipelago has witnessed a myriad of cultural influences, from early Malay settlers to Spanish and American colonization periods. At every corner, you'll find a nod to its multi-layered past, making it a mind-boggling historical feast.

Step into a living painting in Manila, the bustling capital, where Spanish-fortified walls meet modern skyscrapers. Here, your eyes will feast on an amalgamation of architectural styles—colonial Spanish edifices, American period 'Art Deco' structures, and contemporary Asian design.

Culture, you ask? Imagine being one big happy family with over 7,000 varied islands. Local dialects, tribal customs, handicrafts, and cuisine vary with beautiful diversity across the islands. The fiesta culture, an effervescent Spanish influence, is worth a mention. Filipinos don't just party, they create a whirlwind of soulful joy you want to twirl in and lose yourself.

As an archipelago, the Philippines gifts us with more than white sandy beaches. It’s a geographical spectacle filled with mesmerizing landscapes, from the emerald rice terraces of Banaue— hailed as the "Eighth Wonder of the World", to the surreal Chocolate Hills of Bohol. Plus, remember you have over 7,000 islands to spelunk, surf, or snorkel around.

Expect a tropical climate that effervesces warmth, not just in temperature but in the affectionate smiles of the locals. The “more sun, more fun” motto rings true in this island playground, but it’s counterbalanced by a rainy season that turns the landscape into a lush, post-rain painting from June to November.

The Philippines defies the typical. Here, the sounds of over 1,000 dialects waft through the air, and jeepneys—loud, flamboyantly decorated public transport, trot alongside sleek cars in cities. Festivals burst forth in an explosion of color throughout the year, but the 'Panagbenga' or 'Flower Festival' stands tall.

So, come explore the Philippines. This is not just a country, it's a kaleidoscope of experiences and a bountiful buffet designed to cater to every brand of wanderlust. All that's left for you to do is dive in head first, and savor the unforgettable feast that is the Philippines.

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