Best time to go to Chennai

Best month to visit Chennai

Oh, the joys of Chennai, steeped in timeless tradition and brimming with boundless energy. But when is the best time to dive into this vibrant culture pot, you ask? That would be the month of February. No longer caught up in the rush of the New Year, nor sweating under the fierce summer sun, February brings to Chennai a gentle cool and refreshing breezes from the Marina Beach. The city adopts a leisurely pace, inviting you to explore its many wonders, from the iconically colorful Kapaleeshwarar Temple, to swanky tech-parks radiating futuristic luster.

Cheapest time to go to Chennai

Searching for a budget-friendly jaunt to this South Indian marvel? Mark your calendars for June. Many fear the looming monsoon, causing air fares and hotel tariffs to gracefully dip. But fear not, dear traveler! Chennai has its own cheerful dance under the rain, allowing you to witness a city reborn under the cleansing torrents. Furthermore, fewer crowds mean you can peacefully sip your filter coffee and demolish plates of idly and sambar at your own languid pace. Now, isn't that the true essence of a Chennai vakka?

Worst time of year to visit Chennai

Every place has its highs and lows, and Chennai's low wears the guise of a steamy summer. May takes the cake for being the most gruelling, with locals and tourists alike, wilting under a harsh sun and dust-laden winds. Unless lounging indoors with the air-conditioning cranked up is your idea of a vacation, it's best to alight on Chennai's sun-baked soils during a more forgiving season.

Weather in Chennai

Curious about the exact temperature you can expect when you journey to this melody of masala and Madras checks? To give you more clarity, here's a temperature overview for the city:

MonthAverage Temperature (°C)Average Temperature (°F)
January23 to 3073 to 86
February24 to 3175 to 88
March25 to 3377 to 91
April28 to 3682 to 97
May30 to 3886 to 100
June29 to 3784 to 99
July28 to 3682 to 97
August28 to 3582 to 95
September28 to 3582 to 95
October26 to 3479 to 93
November23 to 3073 to 86
December22 to 2972 to 84

This table will quench your curiosity by giving a comprehensive account of Chennai's temperature throughout the year. So now, equipped with this knowledge, all that's left is to pack your bags (don't forget your sari or veshti!) and brace yourself for an unforgettable carnival of sights, sounds and tastes in the heart of Tamil Nadu!