Best Chennai Tours & Excursions

Best Walking Tours

Cursor poised over Chennai on your virtual map? Let's get those legs moving! Peacock Trails is your golden ticket to a whimsical walking journey. Capture snippets of daily life, tickle your taste buds with India's most delectable street food, and unravel the rich history of traditional art practices. A wee bit of bargaining at local markets won't hurt either! This leisurely trip lasts about 2 hours and would cost you roughly $15-20.

Best Bus Tours

Buckle up for the topsy-turvy ride of your life with Chennai City Sightseeing Tour! Board the magical bus and witness Chennai's magnificence unfold - from sun-kissed beaches to enamouring temples. The highlight is Marina Beach, the second longest beach in the world, making it a must-see! Lasting a shade under 8 hours, this grand tour is priced around $25-30.

Best Half-day Tours

Short on time? The Chennai Half-day Sightseeing Tour promises a whirlwind of visual feasts within a tight schedule. Dotted with visits to temples, museums, and galleries, you'll have your fill of Chennai, with time to spare for more adventures! Just four hours stand between you and a deeper connection with Chennai; all for a fair cost of about $20-25.

Best Historical Tours

For the history buffs out there, the Guided Cultural Walking Tour in Chennai is a treasure hunt come to life. This tour leads you on a merry dance through the ages, exploring the labyrinthine city and her myriad stories. You'll explore Fort St. George, the first British fortress in India, and visit important architectural landmarks. History has never been so riveting before! You can relive the past for just $20-25.

Best Luxury Tours

A princely treat awaits you with the Luxury Private Tour of Chennai. Explore Chennai's delights from the comfortable vantage point of a private air-conditioned vehicle. Coupled with personalised guides, this tour offers an in-depth exploration of Chennai's highlights, including Kapaleeshwarar Temple and the Government Museum. All this luxury can be yours for a premium cost of around $80-100. So, loosen those purse strings and go ahead, you deserve it!