Top things to do in Deal

Best Places to Visit in Deal

Deal Castle

If you have ever fancied yourself as royals ruling from a castle, then a trip to Deal Castle is just for you. Like a jigsaw puzzle sprung to life, this grand 16th-century royal fortress will both ground you in history and let your imagination soar. Dress up as King or Queen of the Castle, it's your choice, just remember, be careful not to let the power go to your head!

Deal Pier

Fancy a picturesque promenade? Look no further than Deal Pier. As the 3rd iteration of its kind in Deal and the only pier in Kent with a significant claim, it's a living testament to perseverance crowned by a contemporary eatery at its end. This site gives you not only fresh sea breezes but also a fresh plate of locally sourced cuisine. If I were you, I'd keep an eye out for those seagulls - they're known for snatching away a chip or two!

Deal's Timeball Tower Museum

Tick tock, it’s time to drop by Deal’s Timeball Tower Museum! This unusual four-story Semaphore Tower played a crucial role in global ship navigation during the 19th century. Watching the giant Timeball atop the tower drop down might seem quirky today, but it was once a vital means of signaling the time to sea vessels. Nowadays, besides operating the Timeball daily, this charming museum delightfully chronicles the history of communication and navigation at sea.

Must See Places in Deal

Walmer Castle and Gardens

Get your cameras ready because Walmer Castle is a picture-perfect package of history draped in beauty! This was no empty-robed regal gig – the castle was an active military stronghold and a stolid witness to centuries of English history. It has served as the residence to many a well-heeled welly-booted Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. Make sure you stroll through its award-winning gardens too, they're a riotous rainbow of flora that would impress even the pickiest of garden gnomes.

Deal Maritime and Local History Museum

All aboard for a deep dive into Deal's rich maritime history! An enthusiastic insider’s look at the fishing, shipping, and lifeboat history of this endearing seaside town, the Deal Maritime and Local History Museum is practically seeping history from its walls. Exhibits about smugglers, lifeboats and the Deal galley (the town's traditional fishing boat) will leave you even more endeared to this charming coastal gem. Don't forget to ask about the legendary lady of the Goodwin Sands – she might be nothing but a tall tale, but what's an exploration of maritime history without a legend or two?

With each turn you take in Deal, you'll find captivating stories that stretch far back in time, interwoven with vibrant local culture that's as charming as it is enduring. Pack your bags and head for this Deal of a town, you won’t be disappointed!