Best Deal Tours & Excursions

Best Walking Tours

Feel the beating heart of Deal, a picturesque seaside town in England, with the Deal Historical Walk. As you amble through vibrant narrow streets, soaking in the quaint seaside charm, your local guide will share engaging narratives about the town's rich maritime history and heritage. The walk takes you on a journey from the quaint, smuggler's alleys to the local fisherman's cottages, allowing you to bask in the authentic coastal aura. Indulgences include sampling local fish and chips. The tour cost is around £10 per person.

Best Bus Tours

Step aboard the Deal Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour and sit back as the town’s remarkable attractions unwind before your eyes. This open-top double-decker bus is the perfect opportunity to absorb panoramic views of the town, its beautiful coastline, and popular landmarks such as the Deal Castle, while you comfortably hop on and off at your own pace. An accompanying audio guide in several languages is there to fuel your curious mind. Expect to pay roughly £15 per person for this memorable jaunt.

Best Half-day Tours

Say yes to adventure with the Highlights of Deal Half-day Tour. This tour offers a guided journey through the town's main attractions like the Deal Maritime Museum, Pier, and the captivating Walmer and Deal Castles. You'll get to learn the fascinating history, local tales, and intriguing trivia of these landmarks. It ends with a visit to a traditional British tearoom for a hearty repast—an absolute treat to foodies. This delightful half-day tour is priced around £20 per person.

Best Historical Tours

Immerse yourself in the enthralling past of Deal with the Secrets of Deal's Maritime History Tour. It starts with a visit to time-worn Deal Castle, a testimony to the town’s strategic role in the Tudor era, followed by a trip to the maritime museum packed with nautical treasures. The climax of the tour is an exploration of the town's notorious smuggling past. A visit to the "Time-Ball" tower, the precursor to GMT, is a delightful bonus. Be prepared to set aside about £25 for this intriguing adventure.

Best Luxury Tours

Treat yourself to the Deal Luxury Yacht Tour for an exclusive perspective of this charming town. Aboard an opulent yacht, glide along the beautiful coastal waters while enjoying culinary delights and bubbles. Bask in the warmth of the sun on your face as you witness the striking skyline melting into the azure waters. Hospitable crew members and a personal tour guide only add to this matchless, elegant experience. Anticipate a cost of roughly £60 per person for this luxurious escape.