Best Destin Tours & Excursions

Best Walking Tours

Have you got your comfy shoes on? Perfect! Let's begin our journey by exploring some amazing walking tours in lovely Destin. One standout option is the "Destin History & Fishing Museum Walking Tour." This enlightening stroll involves a deep-dive into the area's rich history and vibrant fishing culture. What could be more exciting than immersing yourself in hundreds of years of coastal history, right? The tour includes a professional guide, admission to the museum, and it'll only set you back about $10 per person.

Best Bus Tours

All aboard the fun bus! For those who prefer a leisurely pace, hop on the "Destin Sightseeing Tour by Open-Top Double-Decker Bus." This tour offers panoramic, open-top views of the area's finest sights, including the Dodge Nature Center and Henderson Beach State Park. You'll sit back and relax while a knowledgeable guide entertains you with fascinating local stories. Engage your senses and experience the magic of Destin's stunning scenery for around $25 per person.

Best Half-day Tours

For those slightly strapped for time, but not on excitement, the "Half-Day Sailing Trip on the Destin Harbor," is an ideal pick. You'll be out at sea for a thrilling four hours, sailing on a stunning catamaran and catching glimpses of playful dolphins in their natural habitat. The salty sea breeze, sparkling clear waters, and all-too-enticing dolphin sightings make this mini maritime adventure a half-day very well spent. Expect to shell out around $80 per person for this maritime marvel.

Best Historical Tours

Got a thing for time travel? Well, buckle up because Destin's historical tours will whisk you, present day time traveller, back in time, revealing a layered tapestry of history that spans centuries. One particular gem is the "Old Town Destin History Walking Tour." This walk will lead you through Destin's storied streets, revealing tales of pioneering settlers, brave seafarers, and resilient communities. Journey through time and savor the old-world charm of Destin. This nugget of history comes with a price tag of about $20.

Best Luxury Tours

Ready to pamper yourself? Embark on the "Luxury Yacht Private Charter in Destin." This opulent tour lets you experience the crystalline Emerald Coast aboard a state-of-the-art yacht. You might spot dolphins frolicking in the waves, indulge in onboard gourmet meals, or simply bask in the luxury of your surroundings. This sensational maritime experience includes a multi-course meal, a personal captain, and unparalleled vistas. This upscale adventure will cost you around $1200, and trust me, it's worth every single penny!