Best New York City Tours & Excursions

Best Walking Tours

No matter how many times you've visited, there's always something new to discover in New York City. Take the 'NYC Lower East Side Walking Tour', for example. This guided stroll whisks you away through the vibrant, graffiti-splattered streets of the Lower East Side, dishing out intriguing tidbits of history, culture, and local life along the way. With a price tag of around $35, it's a fantastic wallet-friendly way to soak in the city's infectious energy and a fabulously immersive experience.

Best Bus Tours

Seeing New York from the comfort of a bus is an experience in its own. And nothing epitomizes this better than the 'Big Bus New York Hop-on Hop-off Tour'. This tour allows you to explore the city at your own pace, with the freedom to hop on and off as you wish. You'll traverse iconic landmarks like Times Square, Central Park, and Statue of Liberty, all while your guide regales you with captivating stories. The tour costs around $50 and promises a whole day of fun-filled sightseeing.

Best Half-day Tours

Short on time but still want to get a taste of the Big Apple? Worry not! The 'Manhattan Sky Tour: New York Helicopter Flight' is just what you need. This 15-minute thrilling ride takes you over the city’s most iconic landmarks, offering a breathtaking view from above. From the freedom tower to the Statue of Liberty, you get a hawk's eye view without the crowd. This unforgettable ride costs around $209 but is worth every penny.

Best Historical Tours

For history buffs, there's no place like New York. 'The 9/11 Tour with an NYC Firefighter' offers a poignant journey into the city's past. Walk the hallowed ground of Ground Zero and hear firsthand stories from an actual NYC firefighter. It's a heart-rendingly intimate look into one of the city's most tragic periods, leaving you with a new-found appreciation for the city's resilience. A ticket for this emotionally charged tour will set you back about $45.

Best Luxury Tours

Want to experience New York in absolute luxury? Then 'The NYC Harbor Luxury Yacht Cruise with Champagne, Lobster and Jazz' is the tour for you! Step aboard a swanky yacht and enjoy a decadent feast, replete with champagne, lobster, and the smooth strains of jazz. Glide past NYC's dazzling skyline, cocktail in hand, for the epitome of indulgence. At approximately $125, it's a splurge, but is there really a price for such grandeur?

New York City is a cornucopia of adventures waiting to unfurl. Be it by foot, bus, air, or sea, there's always a fresh perspective to discover. So, get out there and let the city's magic unfold!