Best Dubai Tours & Excursions

Welcome, fellow travel enthusiasts, to Dubai, the jewel of the United Arab Emirates! A city where the impossible becomes possible, where cultural richness meets futuristic vision. Now, let's venture into the wondrous world of tours Dubai has to offer, shall we?

Best Walking tours

First off, consider the Dubai: Old Town, Dubai Creek, and Souks Tour. This guided wanderlust journey takes you back in time, showcasing the rich heritage of the old town. Meander through the narrow alleyways of Al Bastakiya, explore the bustling spice and gold souks, and enjoy an Abra ride across Dubai Creek. It’s a much-needed pause button within this forever fast-forward city. The cost is approximately $35 USD.

Best Bus tours

For those preferring to roll about town, the Big Bus Dubai Hop-On, Hop-Off Classic, Premium or Deluxe again a fabulous choice. Picture this: you, cruising past the city's iconic skyscrapers, hopping on and off at your leisure as you explore. It's like an opt-in-opt-out buffet of sights! Definitely worth the $55-85 USD you might drop on it.

Best Half-day tours

A half-day can cover a lot! Especially with the Dubai: Half-Day Desert Safari, Quad Bike, Camel Ride & BBQ tour. Time to trade cityscape for some vast desert dunes. Experience the thrill of dune bashing, quad biking (yes, really!) and rounding the afternoon off with a traditional Arabian BBQ as the sun paints the sand in stunning sunset hues. It's an unexpected twist at around $70 USD.

Best Historical tours

If history tickles your fancy, you shouldn’t miss the Dubai: Half-Day Introduction to City History Tour. Backtrack through time as the secrets of Dubai's past unfold before your eyes. Visit heritage sites like Dubai Museum in Al Fahidi fort, view the Jumeirah Mosque, tip-toe along the coffee-and-dates-fragrant corners of the souks. It's the time capsule you won't mind being stuck in, and at around $28 USD, quite a bargain.

Best Luxury tours

Finally, for seekers of luxury and exclusivity, we have the icy cool Dubai: Burj Khalifa VIP Lounge At The Top with Refreshments tour. Soar to the 152nd-154th floors of the world's tallest tower, sip on gourmet beverages and enjoy snacks as Dubai sprawls below. Now that's high living, literally and figuratively! The cost? A lofty $198 USD.

So there you have it! Five unique slices of what Dubai has to offer. Whatever your style, pace or budget, The City of Gold has something just for you. Now go out there and write your own Dubai story!