Restaurants in Kihihi

Best restaurants in Kihihi right now

Let's embark on a culinary journey through Kihihi, a charming town tucked away in south-western Uganda. Lining the streets of this bustling hub are an array of dining spots promising to whet your appetite with Uganda's finest fare.

Bam’s Food Junction

Perched atop City Rd, a stone's throw away from Kihihi Baptist church Oh, the delights that await you here. Bam's Food Junction is a favorite amongst locals who cherish its warm ambience and smorgasbord of mouth-watering cuisines. The spotlight is on the Luwombo - a traditional Ugandan stew available in beef, chicken, or mushroom. An average bill hovers around 20,000 UGX and reservations are not necessary. Visitors can expect to mingle with a crowd as cheerful and welcoming as the town itself.

The Green Hut

Situated along Rukungiri Road, in proximity to the Kihihi Air Strip With a fresh and earthy feel, the Green Hut is an ideal retreat for food lovers. Its signature dish is the Ugandan Rolex - an enticing concoction rolled with a blend of egg, cabbage, and tomatoes. It’s an on-the-go meal that fits right into the pace of Kihihi life. Budget around 10,000 UGX for a satisfying repast and savor the rewards of casual dining, where reservations are as elusive as rainy days in Kihihi.

Where to eat in Kihihi like a local

For those seeking a genuine taste of Kihihi, secreted in its nooks and crannies are culinary corners offering authentic local food.

Kyevu Market

Snuggled in the heart of Kihihi town, not far from the central bus park Venture into the colors and chatter of Kyevu market, where food stalls lay out tantalizing Ugandan cuisines. From Posho (cornmeal staple) to G-nut Sauce (Groundnut stew), the diversity sends your taste buds into overdrive. It's pay-as-you-eat, with a full meal costing around 5,000 UGX. Reservations? Not in this bustling market, but that's part of the charm.

What Ugandan food to eat in Kihihi

In Kihihi, the spectrum of local food is as diverse as its vibrant culture.


This staple food, a type of starchy banana, is a must-try. Often served boiled, mashed, or steamed, nothing sings Uganda like a plate of savoury Matoke.

Sim-Sim (Sesame) Balls

Intriguingly humble in appearance but powerful in taste, these are made from a mix of sesame seeds and honey. Perfectly paired with a cup of Ugandan coffee!

To reserve a table or explore more restaurants in Kihihi, platforms such as TripAdvisor, Zomato, and Yelp offer a wide array of options. Each is an animated tale of the vibrant Kihihi food scene waiting to be woven into your Ugandan adventure. Now, let's eat our way through Kihihi!