Best time to go to Kihihi

Best month to visit Kihihi

Well, my fellow adventurers, tuck into your safari hats because the best time to venture into the treasure trove that is Kihihi, Uganda, is during the dry seasons. Now, you might think - dry is dreary, right? Oh, think again! Dry here means dazzling sunny days, perfect for befriending gorillas up in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or meeting your new hippo pals in Queen Elizabeth National Park. And those dry seasons? Drumroll, please! They usually fall in June, July, and August, and then again in December to February.

Of course, the 'best' time is somewhat subject to your adventurous intentions. If it's the magical mountain gorillas you seek, any of the dry months would do. However, bird enthusiasts might find the wetter months more to their liking. A sprinkle of rain tends to bring out those flamboyantly feathered friends of ours, don't you know!

Cheapest time to go to Kihihi

Keen to keep a keen eye on your shillings? Then perhaps consider visiting Kihihi during the less touristy months - typically March to May and October to November. Why, you might ask? Well, my thrifty traveler, during these periods the rains make their grand appearance. Now, it may mean a muddy trek or two, but it also means lower prices and fewer tourist hordes! And let's not forget, those infamous Ugandan rains are what make the landscapes so lush and the wildlife so varied. Plus, raindrops make pretty good music when you're tucked up with a warm brew!

Worst time of year to visit Kihihi

Ah, of course, not all times are filled with sunshine and shillings saved. Depending on your disposition towards rain, the heavy rainfall months might not be your cup of Ugandan tea. This normally falls around April and May, and then again in November. The rain can affect travel on the roads and even the visibility of wildlife might not be at its best. However, if you ask this humble travel aficionado, there's something wonderfully primordial about a tropical storm in the heart of Africa!

Weather in Kihihi

Speaking of weather, allow me to paint a word picture of the general climate in Kihihi. We're looking at the epitome of tropical perfection - typically warm and welcoming. The temperatures tend to range between 15°C (59°F) to 30°C (86°F) all year long. But remember, this is still Africa; it can get hot under the collar during the day, so pack your sunblock and plenty of water!

To give you more clarity, here's a temperature overview for the city:

MonthAverage Temperature (°C)Average Temperature (°F)
January20.6 to 28.569 to 83
February20.2 to 28.168 to 83
March20.3 to 28.469 to 83
April20.5 to 28.969 to 84
May20.5 to 28.669 to 83
June20.1 to 28.268 to 83
July20.1 to 2868 to 82
August20 to 28.168 to 83
September20 to 28.268 to 83
October20.2 to 28.468 to 83
November20.5 to 28.469 to 83
December20.7 to 28.769 to 84

Use this table to plan your ultimate Kihihi adventure - just make sure to pack with the forecast in mind! Happy globe-trotting, my friends!