Getting to Kihihi

Traveling from the U.S.

So, you're setting off from the U.S. to the heartbeat of Africa – brilliant Uganda, to the untouched beauty of Kihihi, eh? Pack your adventure shoes, we're in for a bit of a ride.

First things first, take yourself a flight to Entebbe International Airport, the main airport of Uganda. But hold your horses, no direct flights from the U.S. I know - bummer! But hey, think of this as the first splash of color on your Africa adventure canvas. You can fly via multiple routes though, like through Amsterdam, Istanbul or Dubai.

Once you touch down at Entebbe, book yourself a private airport shuttle service. Sweating over your luggage after a long flight? Gross! With this service, you get personal pick-up and luggage assistance. Huzzah!

Getting to Kihihi by bus

All aboard for the next part of the journey. From Kampala, you have options like Unitiki and BudBus services that will whisk you away to Kihihi. But remember, the roads are sometimes more "African massage" than "smooth sailing."

Traveling from Canada

Canada to Kihihi – quite the leap, wouldn't you say, eh? Well, brace yourself for one heck of a trip!

Like the U.S., we're starting from the Entebbe International Airport. But the route ahead from Canada usually makes its pit-stops at either Addis Ababa or Amsterdam.

Your friendly airport shuttle will be waiting to zip you from Entebbe to Kampala. Added bonus – they'll handle your luggage, so you can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Getting to Kihihi by bus

Once in Kampala, simply hop on a bus from Unitiki or BudBus to get to Kihihi. Just bring your A-game for those bumpy rides.

Traveling from Australia

So, you're trading kangaroos for gorillas, mate? Excellent choice.

Depart from the land Down Under to enter the wilds of Kihihi by flying into Entebbe International Airport. For Aussies, the route usually means stopping in Dubai or Addis Ababa.

Make your life easier by booking a private airport shuttle service in advance. It's fast, convenient, and offers door-to-door service from Entebbe to Kampala.

Getting to Kihihi by bus

Your onwards journey from Kampala to Kihihi is a minibus ride away. Spot some local wildlife as you bounce along!

Traveling from Asia

Asia to Kihihi. From spicy curries and neon lights to African wildlife. Quite the journey, huh?

Get yourself a flight into Entebbe International Airport. Routes from Asia usually go through Dubai.

From Entebbe to Kampala, your private airport shuttle awaits, promising a comfortable ride with luggage assistance.

Getting to Kihihi by bus

Take a bus journey from Kampala to the town of Kihihi and enjoy some incredible local scenery along the way.

Traveling from Europe

Europe to Kihihi, from the Old World to timeless landscapes. Ready for the adventure?

Flying into Uganda from Europe often brings you via Amsterdam, London, or Brussels. As you touch the tarmac of Entebbe International Airport, the excitement begins.

Your private airport shuttle service is the magic carpet to whisk you away straight to Kampala. No muss or fuss over luggage, smooth as butter!

Getting to Kihihi by train

Hold on now, I know what you're thinking. And you're right...train facilities are scarce in Uganda. But I bet you'll love the majestic RailEurope rail network for future European escapades, just saying!

Getting to Kihihi by bus

Then, a bus (Unitiki or BudBus) will be your carriage to take you from Kampala to beautiful Kihihi. Get ready to be captivated by the raw beauty of Uganda.