The Most Common Information Before a First Trip to Panchkula

Where is Panchkula on map

Buckle up, peeps! Our magic carpet ride today is headed for Panchkula, a charming city in northern India. Think of India as a bejeweled pendant, and Panchkula is a glittering gem set in its northern edge. Curious about its exact location? Picture this—Panchkula sits blushing like a coy maiden on the lush green border between two states, Haryana and Punjab, not too far from the glamorous city of Chandigarh.

But wait! Don't rush to pull out those dusty maps, friends. A swish and click on your digital world map and you'll find this beauty snuggled at latitude 30.6945° N and longitude 76.8606° E. Take a peep into the unique blend of culture, divine spirituality, and punjabi-hip-hop, all in one place!

How big is Panchkula

Ready to step into our measuring shoes, fellow explorers? Now, Panchkula isn't a colossal city gobbling up the space, it's a cozy, compact oasis jetting out of the Indian heartland, about 32 square miles (85 kilometers square) in size. That's roughly the size of Disney World — twice over! So, while Panchkula might not be strutting around boasting the enormity, it's brimming with big experiences and incredible memories waiting to tug your heart. Warm people, enchanting architecture, lush nature - it's a small packet with a huge blast of awesomeness.

How many people live in Panchkula

If you're daydreaming a city teeming with throngs and you're lost in the crowd, hold on right there! Panchkula is a city where everyone still has their space. Now, you'd say, "Tell me a number!" Well, according to our latest friendly chat with Census Bureau 2011, around 561,293 souls call Panchkula their home sweet home.

Yes, you heard it right! This cozy city has a population that could fill New York's Yankee Stadium about 11 times over. But here, folks, you won't be lost in the crowd. You'll find welcoming smiles around every corner, friendly chitchat in markets, and will savor a sense of community that’s as warm and comforting as a cup of masala chai on a chilly evening.

So, pals, pack your knapsack, weave your dreams, and come join the charming symphony of Panchkula!