Walking Tours to discover Santa Eulalia del Río

Make a Beeline for the "Bee-wildering" Short Walk - Santa Eulalia Paseo Maritimo

If you've got a spare 45 minutes, might I recommend a stroll along the buzzing Santa Eulalia Paseo Maritimo? This 2-kilometre, or 1.24-mile, stroll snakes along the seafront. Feel your worries wash away with the lapping waves and inhale that intoxicating blend of ocean breeze... and the tantalizing wafts of tapas joints. Mmmm... culinary delight? Yes, please!

Harbour watch, anyone? Rest your feet and gaze at the leisure yachts - or maybe dream of owning one. You'll also mosey past the ancient water mill, charming proof that Santa Eulalia was once a rural powerhouse of traditional industry.

The "Main Street Meander" - Medium Walk

Feel like stretching those legs on a sun-kissed afternoon? Hop on to our urban pilgrimage of 4.5 kilometers (2.8 miles). In about 1.5 hours, you'll romp through the heart of Santa Eulalia del Río, known affectionately by locals as pueblo.

Start at the vibrant Plaza del Ayuntamiento, and whisper a quick hola to Cesáreo, our resident bronze statue. From there, follow your nose—or maybe your heart—to Passeig de S'Alamera, the "local Ramblas". It's the perfect spot for an impromptu picnic, lined with towering palm trees and pop-up patisseries.

The cherry on top? The Marina for a ridiculously beautiful sunset. You might even spot a celeb mooring their yacht! Told you this walk was star-studded.

Jump into the "Long Walk to Remember” - Santa Eulalia Circular Trail

Pack your endurance and your spirit of adventure, my friends! This isn't a walk; it's an invigorating, 15-kilometer (9.32 miles) trek—it's our kingdom and takes about 5 hours.

Kick-off at the iconic Puig de Missa, a fortified church perched on a picturesque hill. Then it's time to say 'Hola' to nature. The trail meanders through fragrant pine forests, stepping-stones to hidden coves, and ancient dry stone walls.

Cap off the journey with Santa Eulalia’s River Walk, an enchanting encounter with the only river on the island. The cherry (or shall we say olive) on top? The view of Mariner's Beach when you circle back to town. It's a sight for tired legs and a promise of a refreshing dip. Now, who wouldn't love that?

So, take your pick and soak in the spirit of Santa Eulalia del Río. Trust me; these walks are even better when shared with good company. You'll see - Santa Eulalia will keep step with you every footfall of the way!