Walking Tours to discover Deal

Sure thing! Let's explore Deal, a quaint seaside town in England brimming with history, charming architecture and dramatic scenery. So grab your walking shoes and get ready to discover some of its best sights!

Short Walk: Deal Seafront Stroll

Distance: About 3 kilometres (1.9 miles) Estimated Completion Time: 1 hour

We'll kick things off with a charming, seaside jaunt along the length of Deal's picturesque beachfront promenade. Starting at Deal Pier, an architectural beauty doubling as a local fishing haven, we'll head towards the dynamic Deal Castle. This fine example of a Tudor artillery castle is rounded and robust, built to withstand the test of time and invasions. As we wander, we'll catch sight of colourful beach huts against the backdrop of the English Channel, interwoven with an array of eateries serving the freshest catch! Now that's what I call a sweet (or should I say salty?) short walk.

Medium Walk: Deal's Historic Heart

Distance: About 7 kilometres (4.3 miles) Estimated Completion Time: 2 hours

For our medium-length amble, we'll branch out from the seafront and plunge into Deal's intriguing past. Beginning at Middle Street, we'll discover a charming labyrinth of Georgian buildings, a true testament to Deal's days as a notorious 18th-century smuggling hub. We'll catch glimpses of the Deal Maritime and Local History Museum – don't miss the unique collection of model boats! Eventually, we'll circle back to the seafront, finishing with a visit to the Timeball Tower Museum, where we can explore the mysteries of timekeeping and navigation on the high seas.

Long Walk: Deal to Sandwich

Distance: About 17 kilometres (10.6 miles) Estimated Completion Time: 4-5 hours

For those who love a hearty stroll, how about a grand adventure from Deal to the medieval Cinque Port town of Sandwich? We'll follow the Saxon Shore Way, starting at Deal Castle and hugging the coastline before winding our way up the meandering riverbanks of the River Stour. Along the way, you'll encounter a plethora of wildlife at the Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory. The route finishes at the Guildhall in Sandwich, a building filled to the brim with glorious history dating back to the 16th century. Your just reward is indulging in a classic English cream tea in one of Sandwich's cosy tearooms!

So there you have it, three delightful walking routes in Deal, each holding promising adventures and joyous discoveries for both history buffs and fans of natural beauty!