Best time to go to Colombia

Are you aching to amble through the amicable avenues of Colombia? Before we fasten our seatbelts and take off to this land of marvellous magic, let's have a quick run-through of the best time to pack your suitcases.

Colombia has a reputation for Feels-Like-Summer-All-Year-Long. It's cozily seated near the equator, resulting in little fluctuation in temperatures throughout the year. However, there are a couple of intruders who might rain on your parade if not dealt with the right way. Enter, the rainy seasons.

From April to May, and then again from October to November, Colombia gets all dolled up in a shimmering raincloak. For those who find the romance between the drizzle and Cobblestone Street tantalizing, this might just be your perfect time. But, should you prefer to skip puddle-hopping, you might want to stick to the rest of the year for your visit.

Colombia, refusing to ever be cornered into the mundane, boasts not one or two, but five geographical zones. Each one has its own unique weather personality. It means we can sunbathe on the beaches of Caribbean Coast, shiver in the high-altitude chill of Andean peaks, or soak in the humidity of the Amazon Rainforest—all without crossing the country borders.

To give you more clarity, here's a temperature overview for the country:

MonthAverage Temperature (°C)Average Temperature (°F)
January21 to 3270 to 90
February21.5 to 32.571 to 91
March21.7 to 32.871 to 91
April21.7 to 32.571 to 91
May21.3 to 32.370 to 90
June20.6 to 3269 to 90
July20.6 to 32.169 to 90
August20.6 to 3269 to 90
September20.8 to 32.169 to 90
October20.7 to 32.169 to 90
November20.7 to 3269 to 90
December21 to 31.970 to 89

Like a ballroom dance, Colombia's weather extends an ever-eager hand, uniting with your travel plans in a magnificent waltz. Need sweeping tropical beaches? You got it. Seeking cool mountain breezes? Step right this way, my friend. Craving for hearty rainforest humidity? No problem. Colombia's got it all. So, gather your wanderlust, grab those travel boots, and let’s head to this country of eternal spring!