Best time to go to Chile

Ah, Chile, that slender, extravagant ribbon of land, snugly placed between the lofty Andes and the immense Pacific, does have a wink of unpredictability when it comes to its climate. But fear not, dear travellers! Our whirlwind tour of Chile's weather patterns will arm you with all the insider knowledge for crafting your perfect itinerary.

Now then, as you may be aware, Chile's weather can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride owing to its Geography 101-inducing length (it stretches over 4,300 kilometres from north to south!). That, my curious companions, introduces a myriad of microclimates.

The northern tip of our darling Chile is home to the Atacama Desert (the driest non-polar desert in the world, in case you were wondering), where rain is rarer than a dull moment with our weather chat. Here, daytime temperatures can ascend rather audaciously, often hovering above 30°C, with nights cooled by the Pacific breeze. If your heart yearns for clear skies and vast moonscapes, plan your sojourn between December to February.

As we stroll further down to central Chile, think Santiago and the vine-swaddled valleys, you'll find a Mediterranean climate with four distinct seasons. Santiago, the lively capital, serves sunshine aplenty in the summer months (December - February) with temperatures routinely reaching above 30°C. Winter takes a cooler stance, from June to August, with temperatures around 15°C, coupled with rainfall, perfect for an urban quest or a cosy wine tour.

Venturing further south into our beloved Patagonia, brace yourselves for strong winds and variable weather that grants you a unique cocktail of sun, rain and snow, sometimes all within the same day! The recommended time to chase the elusive glaciers, sail between fjords, or follow in the footsteps of our four-legged friends (we mean penguins, of course) is during the comparatively balmy summer months of December to March.

To give you more clarity, here's a temperature overview for the country:

MonthAverage Temperature (°C)Average Temperature (°F)
January13.1 to 2956 to 84
February13.2 to 28.756 to 84
March12.5 to 27.955 to 82
April10.6 to 24.651 to 76
May8.1 to 20.647 to 69
June6.2 to 17.343 to 63
July5.8 to 16.442 to 62
August6.6 to 17.144 to 63
September8.1 to 19.347 to 67
October9.9 to 2250 to 72
November11.8 to 25.153 to 77
December12.8 to 2755 to 81

Whether you're dreaming of moonlit walks in the Atacama Desert, sipping a crisp Carménère amidst the vineyards, or following in the flippers of Patagonian penguins, this charming land of contrast offers something for every season. My advice? Pack layers, an optimistic outlook, and a boundless sense of adventure. See you in Chile!