Irish customs regulations

Underneath the cascading verdant hilltops and faithful rainbows storing pots of gold, Ireland offers a lot more than picturesque landscapes and charming folktale. But before you embark on your journey to the Land of the Saints and Scholars, it's a smart idea to know what and how much you can bring back home. So, grab your four-leaf clover, buckle in, and let’s discuss Ireland’s allowances for Duty-Free, Tax-Free, and Alcohol!

Duty Free allowances

Stack of suitcases
A stack of vintage suitcases sits against a window with a view of an airplane taking off into the sky, symbolizing travel and the anticipation of a journey.

Anyone floating back over the Irish Sea after a frolic to countries outside the EU should take note of Ireland's generous Duty-Free allowances. You can fill your suitcase with up to €430 worth of items if you’re an adult, while the cap is set at €215 for under 15s, minus the price tag of your lucky leprechaun souvenirs (those are priceless, obviously!).

Tax Free allowances

Traveling with luggage
A mother and child, preparing to board a train, exemplify the customs of travel with their suitcases in tow.

Now, hold onto your leprechaun hat because there's more! If you're visiting our emerald gem from a non-EU country, you can also enjoy Tax-Free shopping on a wonderful array of goods, provided they are exported out of the EU within three months. Retail therapy in Ireland just got even more appealing! Remember, filling out a VAT refund form is the magical spell to get up to 23% back on charges.

Alcohol allowance

Ah, the golden nectar of the Emerald Isle! While we love a good tipple, even the Irish Revenue Commissioners have limits. If you're coming from an EU country, you're allowed to bring home 110 liters of beer, 90 liters of wine (remember, only 60 liters of this can be sparkling), 20 liters of intermediate products (like sherry or port), and a spirited 10 liters of spirits. But, if you're visiting from a non-EU country, the allowance dips to 16 liters of beer and 4 liters of wine, and only one liter of port, sherry or spirits.

Dancing into the sunset with Irish pubs echoing melodic tunes, you can relish your pint of Guinness along with the comforting knowledge that your Duty-Free, Tax-Free, and Alcohol allowances are well-handled. However, it's always a good idea to cross-check with the official Elf... I mean, the official website of the Irish Revenue Commissioners.

And as you embark on your whimsical Irish adventure, remember the Irish saying, "May your troubles be less and your blessings be more and nothing but happiness come through your door."

A gentle reminder: While we strive to get the details correct, we cannot vouch for their validity, so we recommend double-checking all details on the official website of the Irish Revenue Commissioners. After all, better safe than sorry!