Egyptians customs regulations

Duty Free allowances

Did you know ancient Egyptians were the first civilization to implement a form of tax? Fitting right in with Pharaoh's legacy, modern-day Egypt also has a meticulously regulated duty-free system. Compared to loading up a camel, navigating these allowances can be a bit of a task. Allow me to be your hieroglyphic interpreter!

Travellers arriving in or departing from Egypt are allowed up to two liters of perfume, one liter of eau de toilette, and 200 cigarettes or 25 cigars or 200 grams of tobacco. This is your luggage's ticket to a smooth pyramid slide through customs.

Tax Free allowances

When it comes to tax-free allowances, Egypt is as generous as the Nile in flood season. Visitors are allowed to bring in items of personal use with a total value of up to E£2000, excluding items like laptops, watches, cell phones, video cameras or any other electrical items.

Remember the old proverb: "A wise man brings gifts," especially if those gifts fall under the tax-free allowance! Any gifts or souvenirs you're bringing must be valued at E£200 or less to avoid extra taxes. The Pharaohs loved gold, but maybe keep your treasures below the tax-free limit to avoid a 'mummy's curse'-type scenario with customs.

Alcohol allowance

Wondering about your party supplies? Well, let's venture into the sands of the alcohol allowance. You're allowed one liter of alcoholic beverages. This might make you feel like you've found the sphinx's lost treasure after a long day in the Egyptian sun.

Remember - a little bit of etiquette goes a long way. Egypt is predominantly a Muslim country, so be mindful and use discretion when consuming your liquid gold!

Hopefully, this guide has presented you with a Cleopatra's crown of knowledge on the subject, and you now feel like a conqueror ready to brave the Egyptian bureaucratic desert. Happy travels, adventurer!

While we packed a camel-load of effort to ensure accuracy, we recommend confirming these details on the official website of the Egypt Customs Authority. Our goal is to prepare you for your journey, but ultimately the pharaohs – ahem, we mean, the Egyptian authorities – have the final say.