Mahorais customs regulations

Duty Free Allowances

Ah, Mayotte, that charming French slice of paradise nestled in the bosom of the Indian Ocean. But sprinkle some duty-free allowances on top, and the island's appeal goes far beyond azure waters and coconut-fringed beaches.

Jump in, let's wade through what you can embrace sans the duty umbrella. Travellers entering Mayotte can bag in 200 cigarettes, 100 cigarillos, 50 cigars, or 250g of tobacco. If you're more of a fragrance fiend, worry not, a bottle of perfume (not exceeding 75g) or 375 ml of eau de toilette can also be carried freely. Sweet deal, isn't it?

Tax-Free Allowances

If the duty-free offerings brought a gleam to your eye, hold onto your spectral hat, because there's more. It's time to explore the tax-free boons when you're traipsing around Mayotte.

With our silver-lined tax-free allowances, you can reel in coffee up to 500g or tea up to 100g sans tax. Adding to this, 500g of sweets or confectionery can also be charmed into your luggage free of tax. Who knew tax concession could be such a treat?

Alcohol Allowance

But wait, there's more. For all you lovers of liquid ambrosia out there, here's a tidbit: Mayotte has provisions that allow you to carry 1 litre of spirits over 22%, or 4 litres of still wine, or 2 litres of fortified wine. And if you're a fan of a milder brew, 16 litres of beer can accompany you through the customs check. Just remember to keep the jolly spirits bottled until you've safely touched the ground. Ley's keep the skies friendly, ok?

And there we have it, comrades in travel, a wrap on duty-free, tax-free and alcohol allowances for our beloved isle of Mayotte. But as is the wont of life (and laws), change is the only constant. While we do our utmost to provide accurate information, we cannot guarantee pin-point accuracy. We suggest you double-check this delightful data on the official website of Mayotte's customs authorities for the latest updates. Happy journeys, and remember, every penny saved is a souvenir earned!