The Common Information Before a First Trip to Seychelles

Have you ever wondered how it feels to stand in the midst of 115 picturesque islands? Welcome to Seychelles - an archipelago that offers the best geography lesson you never thought you'd enjoy!

Let me paint the picture for you. Seychelles juts out of the azure Indian Ocean, a splash of green amidst blue, just off the East African coast. Its geographical marvels span from Inner Islands - predominantly granitic, heavyweights like Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue - to a constellation of tantalizing coral atolls and reef islets making up the Outer Islands.

What sets Seychelles apart? Well, in the script of Earth's geological history, Seychelles plays a star role. Its islands are the only oceanic granites on the planet! Stroll along the beaches and you'll see colossal granite boulders that didn't just roll there - they're the eroded remnants of mountains from the cretaceous era.

The Seychelles terrain is a dream come true for adventure-seekers and peace-lovers alike. Mountain rainforests roll into pristine white sandy beaches, while coral reefs encircle the islands like bathtub rings in the brilliant ocean. We couldn't possibly forget the highest peak, Morne Seychellois, on Mahé, beckoning hikers to conquer its amiable 905-metres.

And for the cherry on the cake - bird-watchers, rejoice! The islands are an avian wonderland. Ever seen a bird build a nest on the ground? You'll spot the Seychelles's warbler doing just that, alongside 12 other bird species found nowhere else on Earth.

Visiting Seychelles is like stepping into a vibrant diorama, where each island offers a fresh adventure. Wherever you roam, the echoes of an ancient world, the hum of wildlife and the rhythm of the waves will remind you - you've arrived in Seychelles, the true jewel of the Indian Ocean.