Best time to go to United Arab Emirates

Visiting the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an adventure that can be satisfyingly enjoyed throughout the year. However, to maximize your exposure to this Arabian diamond's glittering facets, it's wise to consider the good, the hot, and the oh-so-wonderfully-cool!

There's a common misconception about the UAE that it's permanently engulfed in extreme heat. While it's cozy and warm indeed, rest assured that its climatic rhythm dances to the beat of all four seasons, showcasing an array of climatic nuances.

The best time to visit the UAE is predominantly between October and April. This period provides a robust canvas of delectable weather, marked by cool winds and steady sunshine. Basking on sun-kissed beaches, cruising through glistening waters or strolling through vibrant souks– everything feels like a pleasant dream.

From May to September, the UAE takes a sultry turn - it's sun-bakes-till-you-drop time! Ah yes, the UAE summers are notoriously hot. If you dare to embrace the heat, it's a molten playground that offers a unique dimension of this desert wonderland. You could also view this as the perfect "chill-in-the-mall" season - it's an indoor haven with unbeatable shopping deals, after all!

To give you more clarity, here's a temperature overview for the city:

MonthAverage Temperature (°C)Average Temperature (°F)
January14 to 2457 to 75
February15 to 2559 to 77
March17 to 2863 to 82
April20 to 3368 to 91
May24 to 3875 to 100
June27 to 4081 to 104
July29 to 4184 to 106
August29 to 4184 to 106
September27 to 3981 to 102
October24 to 3575 to 95
November19 to 3066 to 86
December16 to 2661 to 79

There you have it, a full-fledged guide to making the most of your UAE weather dilemma! Remember, the secret to a memorable travel experience lies in balancing your expectations with what the land and its climate have to offer. In the case of the UAE, this balance is the key to unlocking a treasure trove of experiences in this extraordinary Arabian enclave.