The Common Information Before a First Trip to Angola

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the masterful tapestry that is the geography of Angola, a bewitching composition of mountain ranges, sandy beaches, and sub-tropic savannahs. Piqued your interest, I hope?

Authentically "African", Angola is a vibrant puzzle of landscapes just waiting to be explored by the curious and the wide-eyed wanderer. Sprawling serenely by the western coastline of Africa, it's the seventh-largest country on the continent, dear friends. Its 1,600-kilometer Atlantic coastline, aka "where the sun meets the sea", boasts some awe-inspiring, picture-postcard beaches you simply must wiggle your toes into.

Then, we have the Muchinga Mountains waking up to endless azure skies. They grace the skies in the east, whispering tempting secrets to the adventurous. Feel like playing hide and seek in the woods? The Mayombe forest in the north is your enchanted land, home to exceptionally diverse flora and fauna just waiting to say 'howdy, partner'!

But, oh wait! Angola has more than just woodland shenanigans and beach parties to its credit. The southern slice is a spirited tango between arid desert and sub-tropical savannah, colors, scents, and textures colliding in a vivid dance. Set foot here, and you'll be stepping on the exotically hued carpets of the Namib Desert, one of the oldest sandscape in the world. Gasp!

And there sits in the center of it all, the Bie Plateau. No ordinary piece, this one. A 'water tower' they fondly call it, gurgling over with rivers that flow far and wide, nourishing lands far from their birthplace.

So, there you have it! Angola, wrapped in geographical hinges of the best kind. Beaches, mountains, forests, deserts and a plateau - this African gem poses quite the challenge for the insatiable explorers. Come one, come all, and remember to bring your sense of adventure, for Angola, my friends, is quite the "itinera-wonderland"!