Best time to go to Angola

Visiting the vibrant country of Angola is an experience like no other. This bustling hub, adorned with rich traditions and stunning landscapes, offers something special throughout the year. But, if you're keen to make the most of your Angolan adventure, let's chat about when it's best to schedule your visit.

Angola is a fascination of contrasts, split between the coastal lowlands in the west, and the high plateau, and mountains to the east. These diverse terrains create differing weather patterns across the country, so buckle up as we hop between these climes.

The coastal strip is bathed in a subtropical climate, warm all year round with little rainfall and frequent fog due to the chilly Benguela current. It's picture-perfect for beach lovers and sun worshippers almost every day of the year.

But what about the other parts of the country, wonder you might? Well, looking east, Angola shows a different face. The high plateau region presents a tropical climate with a distinct rainy season from November to April. Timing is key here, and if you're charmed by the thought of lush, green landscapes, welcome the rains with open arms.

The mountainous region gets chillier as you climb into the heights, with nights especially brisk. Winter lovers, this one's a shout-out to you. Visit during the dry season, from May to October, when the days are warm and the nights are cool. It's the perfect ambience for a cozy evening by the fire, don't you think?

To give you more clarity, here's a temperature overview for the city:

MonthAverage Temperature (°C)Average Temperature (°F)
January21 to 3270 to 90
February22 to 3372 to 91
March23 to 3473 to 93
April23 to 3473 to 93
May22 to 3272 to 90
June20 to 3068 to 86
July19 to 2966 to 84
August19 to 3066 to 86
September20 to 3168 to 88
October22 to 3272 to 90
November23 to 3373 to 91
December22 to 3272 to 90

So, when's the best time to visit Angola? Well, my dear explorers, that's fully up to you! Design your journey around your favorite climates and enjoy Angola in your own unique way. Trust me- every season unfurls a new chapter of Angolan magic, just waiting for you to explore! Happy travels!