Angolan customs regulations

Duty Free allowances

So you're traveling to Angola, the land of sun-soaked beaches and mesmerizing landscapes? Brace yourself for an intriguing journey, my fellow global trotter! But first, let's talk about what you can bring into the beautiful land of Angola without paying a kwanza (Angola's currency) worth of duties. Travelers over the age of 18 can bring in goods worth up to USD 500 without being charged.

Your luggage can be a smorgasbord of goodies: feel free to pack 400 cigarettes, 250 grams of tobacco, and 50 cigars without worrying about any duties. Remember, it's a long plane ride - but don't overindulge, moderation is key here! Also, perfume lovers rejoice! You can bring in a reasonable amount of your favorite fragrances, duty-free. However, what's considered 'reasonable' is down to the customs officials' discretion.

Tax Free allowances

Hold on to your seats, wanderluster! Let's delve into the nooks and crannies of tax-free allowances. Now, you may be wondering - 'What's the difference between duty-free and tax-free?' Simply put, duty-free refers to the exemption from custom duties, whereas tax-free refers to exemptions from certain taxes. On arrival, your personal effects and household goods (used for more than six months) can enter tax-free, if they accompany you.

If you're thinking of flying your drone around Angola's breathtaking landscapes or capturing memories with your state-of-the-art camcorder, don't worry about their import taxes. Electronic equipment for personal use such as cameras and drones are allowed tax-free. However, their quantity should be reasonable, you're not opening an electronics store!

Alcohol allowance

Now, to the part many of you have been waiting with bated breath for - the alcohol allowance. You can bring in a litre of spirits and 2 litres of wine without paying a dime in duties or taxes. So pack that bottle of sparkling champagne or that vintage red wine you saved for a special occasion. But remember, overindulgence in spirits isn’t a spirit, so drink responsibly!

Oh, but what's a journey without a few puzzles? The rules about allowances can sometimes be as intricate as an Angolan handicraft design. So, while we prance with glee to provide accurate titbits, we recommend you double-check these bits of information on the official website of the respective state authorities. Here's the link to the official website:

Enjoy your trip to Angola and remember to soak in the spectacular sights and vibrant local culture! Safe travels!