Walking Tours to discover Durham

Sure, let's get our virtual walking shoes on and dive straight into the cobblestone streets of Durham.

1. Short Stroll: Durham Delights

Distance: 2.4 km (1.5 miles) Estimated Time: 1 hour

Our short stroll begins at the heart of Durham - the magnificent Durham Cathedral and Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a moment to admire the Norman architecture and allow your imagination to whisk you back to the 11th century when these grand structures were built. As you wander down cobbled paths, you'll find yourself next to the picturesque riverbanks of the River Wear. Here's a little secret: these riverbanks bloom into a riot of colours during summer, giving you an impression of walking through a real-life painting!

2. Medium Jaunt: Hidden Gems in the Heart of Durham

Distance: 8 km (5 miles) Estimated Time: 3 hours

Ready for a slightly longer jaunt? We begin close to home once more, at the city centre. But this time we’ll take in some of Durham's lesser-known treasures. Start at the elegant Palace Green Library, a thematic cornucopia of exhibits that stretches your neurons in the most pleasantly surprising ways. Next, follow the winding path that leads to the tranquil haven of Durham Botanic Garden. Here, you can marvel at a diverse range of plants and flowers from across the globe. Remember to keep an eye out for the sculptures that nestle serenely among the foliage - a truly delightful sight!

3. Long Journey: Exploring the outskirts of Durham

Distance: 20 km (12.4 miles) Estimated Time: 6-7 hours

This is for our adventurous souls! We start off at St. Margaret's Church in Crossgate, then head out to the historic village of Bearpark. As you tread on gentle hills and winding paths, the spectacular Durham Dales and the distant sparkle of the North Sea from Sherburn Village offer breathtaking panoramic views you'll not soon forget.

So there you have it, folks! Walking routes in Durham that cater to all energy levels, all bursting to the seams with charm and history. Where will your feet take you first?