Museums in Dubai

Dubai Museum

If you want a journey back in time, start with the Dubai Museum. Located in the ancient Al Fahidi Fort, this historical gem is brimming with life-sized dioramas, archaeological findings, and interactive displays. Come explore Dubai's evolution from a small fishing village to the futuristic metropolis it is today!

Alserkal Art District

Creativity truly comes alive at Alserkal Art District. Housed within refurbished industrial warehouses, this vibrant cultural hub features contemporary art galleries, non-profit organizations, and homegrown businesses. You never know what artistic wonders you'll come across next!

Etihad Museum

History buffs rejoice! The Etihad Museum offers a unique insight into the United Arab Emirates' formation. Through photographs, films, and interactive timelines, you can trace the path that led to the unification of the seven emirates. An absolute must for lovers of history and culture!

The Green Planet

Bring out the inner naturalist in you at The Green Planet. This vertical tropical rainforest encapsulates the enchanting world of exotic flora and fauna. Butterflies flutter, parrots squawk and sloths lazily hang around, creating a magical, immersive experience.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Although a bit of travel from Dubai, your inner art enthusiast will thank you for visiting the Louvre Abu Dhabi. This spectacular museum showcases a stunning array of human creativity spanning thousands of years and cultures. Standing under its iconic dome is itself an unforgettable experience.

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