The Most Common Information Before a First Trip to Dublin

Where is Dublin on map

Well, dear curious minds, if we were perched on a satellite and floating high above the beautiful blue carpet that is our earth, where would we find our beloved Dublin? Well, blink and you could miss it! Dublin, a gem of a city, is tucked in the eastern part of Ireland, just a stone's throw away from the U.K., metaphorically speaking that is.

Dublin is uniquely perched along the Irish Sea, a fact that has shaped its history, culture, and even cuisine. Just imagine a dot, preferably a green one, nestled on the pools of blue, slightly above the mid-line of the world map, and my friends, that's where Dublin awaits our discovery!

How big is Dublin

Now that we have located Dublin, you might find yourself itching to pack your bags and tour the city. Well, I reckon that's a smashing idea! To navigate this illustrious city, it would be helpful to know just how big Dublin is, wouldn’t it?

Ah, Dublin, it's not the size of the place, it's the heart. Covering approximately 115 square kilometers (or a compact 44.5 square miles for those across the pond), Dublin may not be the largest city, but it sure packs a lot in. A melange of historical sites, museums, entertainment hot spots, parks, and, of course, delightful pubs, are squeezed into this relatively compact city.

You could zip from the inspiring St. Patrick’s Cathedral to the captivating Guinness Storehouse in a heartbeat, then saunter over to the bustling Temple Bar area, all in one adventurous day. Ideal for explorers on foot or bike, its size accentuates its charm — it’s like a pocket-sized treasure brimming with wonder.

How many people live in Dublin

Now, let's talk about the people of Dublin, or better yet, its welcoming populace. Just how many folks are blessed in waking up every morning to the glorious view of the Ha'Penny Bridge, the aroma of a true Irish breakfast wafting through the cool breeze?

As of our most recent count, approximately 1.42 million people call Dublin home. And this diverse and dynamic mix of folks is just as vibrant and varied as the city they live in. From those with roots deep in Irish history, to those who have chosen Dublin as their new home, it's a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and histories that make Dublin the animated, happening city it is today.

So, dear friends, whether you're planning a visit, a move or just satisfying your wanderlust with a virtual tour, you now know a bit more about wonderful Dublin. Standing there, all magnificent in its modest size, overflowing with a rich culture cultivated by its diverse population, Dublin is more than a place on a map, it's an experience waiting to be discovered!