Taxi and Cabs in Dublin

How to order a cab in Dublin

Ah, Dublin. A city filled with priceless stories etched within its ancient cobblestone streets. As wonderful as it is to explore this Irish gem on foot, sometimes you'll need the charm of a good old taxi ride to get you around. But how, dear friends, do you order a cab in the Emerald Isle's crown?

These days, there's an app for that. Yes, you read it right, there's no need to dial numbers or wave arms on a busy street. Here you can find the popular Uber and Bolt, both offering their services around the clock. That's right, folks, the digital age has tiptoed its way into Dublin's quaint cityscape.

Simply download the apps, punch in your details, and voila, you're ready to hail a cab from your current location. They accept credit cards, which is convenient indeed for those of us who see cash as charmingly old-school. However, for a more traditional approach, local taxi dispatch number (+353 1-808-0800) connects you directly to the network of cabs roaming the city.

Where to find a taxi in Dublin

Now, you might find yourself caught in a simmering question – where in blazes do you find a taxi in Dublin? Never fear, your jolly guide's here!

Dublin is teeming with taxis, especially around popular tourist spots, hotels, bus stations, and the airport. But our dear Dublin is known for its fickle weather, and being drenched in an Irish downpour while waiting for a cab is less than ideal.

In such cases, taxi ranks come to our rescue. These are designated spots for taxis to line up and wait for passengers. You'll find them scattered across the city centre – at O'Connell Street, St. Stephen's green, College Green, and Heuston and Connolly stations, to name a few.

How Much Does a Dublin Taxi Cost

Let's tackle the golden question circling your mind now, the price tag on a Dublin taxi journey. The basic fare starts from €3.80 during standard hours and rises slightly after 8 PM and during public holidays. The cost per kilometer travelled is about €1.50, with a waiting charge of €23.30 per hour.

While Uber and Bolt flamboyantly dance on the Dublin taxi stage, keep in mind that their prices can surge during peak hours or in high-demand situations. So, if you're a budget watcher, traditional taxis might be a prudent choice.

And let's not dash past the tipping norms in Dublin taxis: squaring up the fare is a decent way to say 'thank you'. Of course, it isn’t obligatory but is most definitely appreciated! Safety, you ask? Fret not! Dublin taxi drivers are generally helpful and respectful, and both app-based and traditional taxis have to comply with Irish transport laws.

So there you have it - marshalling a cab in Dublin is as easy as reciting your ABCs. Now you're ready to cruise the city like a local. Buckle up, mates, and let's hit those storied Dublin streets!