The Most Common Information Before a First Trip to Las Vegas

Where is Las Vegas on map

Imagine a needle clashing down into a vibrant patchwork quilt labeled 'USA'. If it were to land on the southwestern section of this great American tapestry, you would be bang in the middle of the bustling state of Nevada. And presto! Smack dab in this corner of the quilt, graced by the sun’s unforgiving intensity and flanked by jaw-dropping mountains, you'll find our star: Las Vegas. She's a sparkling jewel encased in the vast and often dry expanse, quite impossible to miss.

Navigate your way into the heart of this cowboy country and voila! Las Vegas, or 'Vegas' to her many admirers, unfurls in all her neon-lit glory.

How big is Las Vegas

Proportionally, Las Vegas is not the largest city on the map, yet she manages to pack an awe-inspiring amount of larger-than-life attractions into her modest physical bounds. As a sprightly lark in a constricting birdcage, our little Vegas breaks free of constraints and strides forth boldly. The city stretches out across a nifty 136.3 square miles of Nevada's arid desert. Yet within this seemingly modest area, each street corner dances with life, rich in stories and filled with wide-eyed adventurers.

Las Vegas is a bustling island of entertainment encased in a desert sea, micro in size, yet macro in spirit. She isn't the biggest name on the chart, but boy, does she know how to make a grand impression!

How many people live in Las Vegas

As of the last whip-round of the numbers, the population in Las Vegas was a tad over 600,000. But hold your horses, as those stats tell only half the tale. It's important to understand that these figures account for people who have laid their hats in Las Vegas, but the city plays host to a swarming sea of visitors year-round.

Add to that the tourism swell and temporary residents (entertainers, businessmen, and seasonal workers), and you have an ever-pulsing heart of activity. On any given day, it wouldn't be unusual to see this metropolis teeming with well over a million souls, eager to soak in her vibrant aura, her endless novelties, and her unstoppable energy.

Ergo, though Las Vegas may play home to around 600,000, this shimmering city's heart beats for many, many more.