Taxi and Cabs in Durham

Life in the quaint city of Durham is often filled with cobblestone walks, visits to the majestic Durham Cathedral, and leisurely strolls along the River Wear. But don't think this means you have to give up modern conveniences like taxis. Let’s pop into the world of cab rides in Durham, shall we?

How to Order a Cab in Durham

Taxis in Durham are as easy as pie to order, even for the tech-discerning. There's a bevy of local taxi services waiting at your beck and call, such as Paddy's Taxis or Dean Taxis. But if you're one to carry the world in your pocket (aka a smartphone user), there's always the famed international taxi apps. Bolt and Uber have both set up shop here, offering the worldwide method of merely a few taps on a screen to have a cab purring up to your doorstep.

Performance-wise, both Bolt and Uber have proven reliable in Durham, so you can trust they won't leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Both platforms accept standard credit cards, waving off the need to engage in the seemingly eternal quest for loose change.

Where to Find a Taxi in Durham

Now, where, oh where, can you find these elusive chariots of convenient transportation, you might ask? Fear not, for finding a taxi in Durham is as easy as spotting the River Wear on a clear day (which is, by the way, very easy).

Durham taxi ranks are sprinkled liberally throughout the city. You'll find one near the marketplace, handy when you've had a tiring day haggling. Durham train station has another one, perfect for the weary traveler who has just disembarked from a long journey.

For when spontaneity hits though, Bolt and Uber are always an app away so your knight in gleaming armor (read: taxi) will be on its way in no time.

How Much Does a Durham Taxi Cost

Golden question, isn’t it? In Durham, a taxi won't cost an arm and a leg, but exact rates, like the mysteries of the universe, change and can depend on a variety of factors. The type of service you pick (a local cab or Uber/Bolt), the distance, and time of day can all play into the final fare.

On average, local services can charge around £3 as a basic fee and £1 or £2 per additional mile. Uber and Bolt are often a smidge cheaper, and they have the nifty unique feature of offering an estimate before you book your ride - no nasty surprises there!

As for tipping, while it's not mandatory in the UK, it’s generally appreciated as a friendly nod towards good service. A rule of thumb is about 10-15% of the fare.

Of course, remember, the safety of your journey is paramount. Always ensure your taxi is licensed, sit in the back seat whenever possible, and share your journey details with a friend or family member.

So, there it is. Durham may be a city of history, but it certainly isn’t shying away from the conveniences of modern transportation. Happy travels and all aboard the taxi adventures in Durham!