How much to tip in Durham

Well, hello there! Today, we’re visiting the remarkable city of Durham in the United Kingdom, where cobblestone streets whisper centuries-old history and an awe-inspiring cathedral watches over like a venerable guardian. Now, let's dive into the mysterious world of tipping in fair Durham and know-how to navigate it.

How much to tip at restaurants

In Durham, as throughout the UK, tipping at restaurants isn't required but it's generally welcomed as a sign of appreciation for good service. Typically, gratuity is around 10-15% of your total meal cost. However, make sure to eyeball that bill! Sometimes, a 'service charge' is included, letting you skip the mental maths. There’s no need to ever stumble into tip-topia unprepared!

How much to tip at coffee shops

Now, onto the humble coffee shops! While Brits may be famous for our love of tea, let me assure you, we also do know our way around a good cup of Joe. In Durham's bustling coffee shops, tipping isn't so much the norm as in restaurants. If the barista has brewed an especially memorable mocha or crafted a perfect cappuccino just the way you like it, feel free to drop some spare change into the tip jar. It's less about percentages here - more a nod of thanks for their caffeine conjuring magic.

How much to tip at bars

Swing by any of Durham's lively pubs and bars, and you're unlikely to find people throwing tips down left and right. Unlike our friends across the pond in America, it's not customary in the UK to tip for each drink at the bar. A "keep the change" or a pint for the bartender at the end of a fun-filled night is a nice gesture but certainly not compulsory.

How much to tip in a taxi

Hailing a cab in Durham? The wonderful world of taxi tipping isn’t set in stone either. If the driver was prompt, polite and didn’t lead you on a city-wide scenic tour on the way to your hotel, round up your fare to the nearest pound, or aim for about 10%. A quick "keep the change" will make sure your trip ends on an appreciative note.

Should you tip with card or cash

And the ultimate question: card or cash? While most places will allow you to add a tip when paying by card, cash is often preferred. It's quick, simple, and goes directly to the person you want to thank – be it the helpful cab driver or the waiter who recommended the most divine sticky toffee pudding.

Remember folks, tipping may not be mandatory at all times in Durham, but it's always a nice way to say "thank you". It also marks you out as a discerning traveler armed with insider knowledge. So tip away, and enjoy your trip to our enchanting city. Now, who’s ready for some sightseeing?