The Most Common Information Before a First Trip to Durham

Where is Durham on the map

Righto, let's start our journey! Picture the map of the splendid United Kingdom in your mind's eye. Starting from the bottom, journey up towards the heart of North East England, and there lies our star, Durham! To be as precise as a Swiss watch, it's nestled cosily between Yorkshire to the south, Northumberland to the north, the North Sea to the east and Cumbria to the west. Spot the River Wear slinking its way through? That's dancing right through our Durham!

How big is Durham

Now, we aren't talking Texas-big here, but it's certainly not a tiny dot on the map either. The city of Durham itself is a charming compact space, much like a beautifully crafted, antique trinket box brimming with treasures. It stretches for an approximate 3.65 square miles. But don't let its size fool you; it's packed denser than a fruitcake with stunning landmarks and heartwarming tales! The wider county of Durham, on the other hand, boasts a size of about 862 square miles. So, plenty of space for endless stunning scenery and wild adventures too!

How many people live in Durham

She might be a little city, but she's got a big heart and a welcoming home for everyone. The city of Durham is host to approximately 48,069 residents—all as lovely as the last, if I may say so myself. Food for thought: that's about 13,206 people per square mile, or approximately seven jovial folk for every hectare! Now, expanding our gaze to the county of Durham, we're looking at around 522,717 people. So, dear reader, should you choose to visit Durham, you'll certainly not lack for friendly faces to meet or intriguing local tales to hear!