Best time to go to Faro

Best month to visit Faro

Faro, Portugal, nestled in the sunny Algarve region, becomes a feast for the senses nearly all year round. Imagine days spent soaking up the sun on sandy beaches, and evenings savoring lip-smacking seafood amidst the narrow cobbled streets. However, to catch the crest of Faro's sunshine wave coupled with bearable crowds, pack your suitcases for September. It's a treasure trove of warmth and tranquillity after the bustling summer high season. A dollop of summery weather, a tad less tourist bustle, and we have a winner!

Cheapest time to go to Faro

Now, if you're a wise traveler on the hunt for a bargain and wouldn't say no to exploring this coastal wonder in chillier winds, the winter months from November to March could be your ticket to frugal euphoria. Accommodation rates take a satisfying plunge, and the streets whisper quieter tales. Plus, the winter sees Faro losing none of its cultural charm! Mild days are perfect for church and museum explorations, or perhaps a slightly brisk boat tour. Remember the warm jumpers though!

Worst time of year to visit Faro

I shudder to dub any time as the 'worst' to visit such a lovely city as Faro, but I suppose it won't hurt to drop a word of caution for the peak summer months of July and August. The mercury levels ascend, and so do the tourist hordes. Engulfed by elbow-nudging crowds and sizzling temperatures, your sojourn here could end up more sweltering than serene. Think higher prices, overcrowded beaches, and long queues everywhere you go. But hey, if heat and high spirits are your jam, then by all means, dive in!

Weather in Faro

Faro's weather is nothing short of a radiant melodrama. It puts on its sunny best for most of the year, the annual average temperature is a delightfully warm 18°C. The sun blares in summer, but the ocean's gentle breeze offers a calming counterpoint. Winters are mild and manageable, while spring and autumn steal the show with their mildness and blissful tranquillity.

To give you more clarity, here's a temperature overview for the city:

MonthAverage Temperature (°C)Average Temperature (°F)
January8.6 to 15.147 to 59
February9.1 to 15.748 to 60
March10.7 to 17.351 to 63
April11.9 to 18.553 to 65
May14.2 to 21.158 to 70
June17.2 to 24.363 to 76
July19.3 to 26.767 to 80
August19.3 to 27.167 to 81
September17.9 to 25.464 to 78
October15.5 to 22.160 to 72
November12.5 to 18.655 to 65
December9.3 to 15.849 to 60