Best time to go to Lisbon

Best month to visit Lisbon

Oh, lovely Lisbon! Truly a city that compels you to embrace spontaneity. But, if you're eyeing your calendar and craving for an adventure in this charming city, might I suggest the month of May?

Why, you ask? Flowers are in full bloom, painting the city in hues of rainbow. The weather? Irresistibly mild. Sitting on a sun-drenched terrace with a glass of Vinho Verde is the local pastime. Why not join in on the fun?

Cheapest time to go to Lisbon

Being on a budget doesn’t have to mean you forgo the flights! If you’ve got your heart set on Lisbon but your wallet feeling a little light, no worries! Seek out the silver linings of shoulder season — namely November. Sure, it might not be time for those beach-side cocktails, but it’s still a wonderful time to wander the historic streets, with a bonus of some sunshine! Plus, with fewer tourists jostling for room, you really get to savor the Lisbon vibe.

Worst time of year to visit Lisbon

We might frown upon "worst" and "Lisbon" in the same sentence, but let's be practical. If a thick crowd is not your piece of pastel de nata, avoid August. The mercury rises and so do the numbers of visitors. Sauntering down the sun-bleached streets might feel more like a chore. Besides, many locals embrace the 'out-of-office' spirit too, leading to closed shops and restaurants.

Weather in Lisbon

Before you start packing and imagine yourself prancing about in Portuguese paradise, let's caress the topic of Lisbon's weather. Smiling most of the year, Lisbon is basked in sunshine, making you want to soak in every bit of its delightful Mediterranean climate. Winters are gentle and short, while the summers, from June to August, are warm but rarely uncomfortable.

To give you more clarity, here's a temperature overview for the city:

MonthAverage Temperature (°C)Average Temperature (°F)
January8 to 1546 to 59
February8 to 1646 to 61
March10 to 1850 to 64
April11 to 1952 to 66
May13 to 2255 to 72
June16 to 2661 to 79
July18 to 2864 to 82
August18 to 2864 to 82
September16 to 2661 to 79
October13 to 2255 to 72
November10 to 1850 to 64
December8 to 1546 to 59

Can you see it now? The warm Lisbon sun, the cobbled paths whispering tales of the old, and you, right in the middle, savoring every moment of your adventure. Shall we start packing?