Getting to Las Vegas

Traveling from the U.S.

Traveling to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas from different parts of the U.S. isn't quite the roll of the dice that you'd think! Trains, buses, cars, and flights - all present a wealth of options for you.

Getting to Las Vegas by Car

Fire up your engine and let's hit the road. The drive to Las Vegas is a journey brimming with scenic routes and iconic landmarks. Route 66, anyone? Whether you’re road-tripping from California, Arizona, or Utah, the highways leading to this desert city are well-paved and marked out for your convenience.

Traveling to Las Vegas by Train

While not as common, it's certainly an enjoyable ride. For the scenic-route lovers, taking a train could provide plenty of Instagrammable views. Just remember to plan ahead, as direct trains to Las Vegas aren't as frequent as to other major cities.

Hop on a Bus to Vegas

Unitiki offers regular bus services to Las Vegas from numerous U.S cities, promising a comfortable ride. But if you're a night owl, try the BudBus for their overnight services - wink, wink, save an accommodation night!

Traveling from Canada

Heading into Las Vegas from our friendly neighbours up North? Consider flying in for time efficiency. Many airlines offer flights to Las Vegas Mccarran International Airport from various Canadian cities. What's more, booking a private airport shuttle service can upgrade your journey from simply convenient to ultra-luxe. Imagine having personalized pick-up and luggage assistance after a tiring flight. Now, isn't that a worthwhile bet?

Traveling from Australia

When you're traveling from the Land Down Under, no other transport matches the speed and convenience of a flight. In fact, direct flights operate from major Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane to Las Vegas. And guess what awaits you after a long flight across the Pacific? That's right. A pre-booked airport shuttle ready to whisk you off to your hotel, making your Vegas trip as easy as a game of pokies!

Traveling from Asia

From East to the Wild West, getting to Vegas is a cinch with numerous airlines offering flights from major Asian cities. After enduring a long flight, what better way to reward yourself than with a private shuttle transfer arranged just for you? Think personalized pick-up, no waiting around for cabs, and a porter service for your luggage. Now, that sounds like hitting the jackpot!

Traveling from Europe

The magic of Las Vegas is only a flight away from Europe. Many European cities offer direct flights to the heart of Nevada’s desert. To step into Sin City, simply hop on a plane and you're on your way.

Euro Rail to Las Vegas

Perhaps you're keen on a bit of sightseeing first? Consider using the RailEurope service to travel within Europe and then catch a flight from your train destination.

European Bus Travel

If you're starting your journey in Europe, Unitiki and BudBus seats can provide a cozy journey until hitting the sky at your nearest airport.

Take Euro tours to a new height by coupling it with an unforgettable Vegas end-game. With a little planning and a heap of excitement, no matter where you come from, Las Vegas is a sure bet for a trip of a lifetime!