Best time to go to Egypt

Greetings, globe-trotters! Today we're cracking open the travel atlas to the arresting country of Egypt, the land of Pharaohs and Pyramids. Now, one might wonder, "When is the best time to experience all the wonders Egypt has to offer?" Well, buckle up my adventurous friends, as we're about to embark on a seasonal exploration of Egypt!

The optimal time to enjoy hot tourist destinations like the celebrated Pyramids of Giza or the culturally rich Luxor lies between October and April. These months are deemed to be the most pleasant time in Egypt. During this period, the days are relatively warm, and evenings can actually be a touch chilly. Don't forget to pack a light sweater for those sunset viewings over the Nile!

If you decide to venture during the months of May through September, brace yourself for a rendezvous with the Egyptian summer. Temperatures during this period can reach scorching heights, especially in Luxor and Aswan. Although, the Mediterranean coastal cities of Alexandria and Port Said offer a milder climate and could be your summer savior!

For those wanting to experience the seaside charm of Red Sea resorts such as Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh, any time of the year works as these regions sustain moderate temperatures even during summer.

Now, we've covered the seasonal word of mouth, but the real proof is in the Celsius (or Fahrenheit, depending on which team you're on!) To give you more clarity, here's a temperature overview for the country:

MonthAverage Temperature (°C)Average Temperature (°F)
January8 to 1846 to 64
February9 to 2048 to 68
March11 to 2352 to 73
April15 to 2859 to 82
May19 to 3366 to 91
June22 to 3672 to 97
July24 to 3775 to 99
August24 to 3775 to 99
September22 to 3572 to 95
October19 to 3266 to 90
November14 to 2557 to 77
December9 to 1948 to 66

There you have it folks, an all-around guide to when Egypt waltzes around its best weather. In the true spirit of adventure, remember there’s no wrong time to explore, as each season lends its own special charm to the Egyptian landscape. So pack your bags, it's your time to bask in the timeless allure of Egypt! Happy travels, folks!