Best time to go to Spain

Spain, my dear friends, is a marvel no matter the season. But to get the most out of this vibrant country, here's your cheat-sheet on weather and best times to visit. Now, hold onto your sombreros, we're diving right in!

The comfy confines of spring (March to May) make it a delightful time to visit. It's when the winter snow playfully steps aside as lush greens and blossoms take center stage. There is a touch of flamboyance in the air, the climate is pleasant, sunny days abound – an absolute fruit salade for the senses! But the cherry on top? The crowd hasn’t swarmed in yet.

Then comes summer (June to August), as Spain dresses up in its sunniest best! A caveat, though—the southern regions become quite hot, more siesta than fiesta. But fear not, the northern regions are cooler and ideal for an escape!

Autumn (September to November) in Spain brings a display of dazzling colors – it's like Mother Nature decided to play Holi! The temperature drops, and the tourist brigade dwindles, making it an ideal time for a peaceful, yet panoramic vacation.

Winter (December to February) is relatively mild along the coast but a truly enchanted season in the mountains where you can enjoy skiing or cozying up in a quiet town. Language! Churros with hot chocolate is the winter thrill of Spain!

Now, time for a deep dive! To give you more clarity, here's a temperature overview for the city:

MonthAverage Temperature (°C)Average Temperature (°F)
January5 to 1241 to 54
February6 to 1343 to 55
March8 to 1646 to 61
April10 to 1950 to 66
May13 to 2255 to 72
June17 to 2763 to 81
July20 to 3168 to 88
August21 to 3270 to 90
September18 to 2864 to 82
October14 to 2257 to 72
November9 to 1648 to 61
December7 to 1345 to 55

Remember, Spain is a country of many faces, and each season paints a unique portrait. No matter when you step onto her jovial streets, Spain will greet you with flamenco fervor and siesta sweetness. So, pack your bags for an experience punctuated by olé-ing and delight.