Chile Travel Information

Step right into Chile, a slender swathe of land that stretches across the western edge of South America, cozily nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the towering Andes. This geographical charmer has an intriguing history steeped in ancient civilizations, colonizations, revolutions, and resilience.

Dive back in time to the early days when the Mapuche tribe made Chile their home, followed by the Inca invasion until the Spanish conquistadors trod over the Andes in the 16th century. The Spanish influence is clearly splashed all over Chile's architectural scene, particularly in the colonial gem, Valparaiso. Stroll along the spiraled streets, tracing the city's Spanish roots through the vibrant, colonial-era buildings. You'd be forgiven for thinking you're wandering through an enormous urban art gallery!

But what makes Chile a true spectacle, you ask? Only that it's a geographical jigsaw puzzle! From the driest desert worldwide, the Atacama, in the north to the lush vineyards in the central valleys, and the ends-of-the-earth landscapes in Patagonia to the south, it's an adventurer's dream. And let's not even get started on the 4,300km Pacific coastline!

Now, if you're packing for a trip to Chile, remember that the country has five climate zones. Brush up on your geography, because Chile is north-to-south looong! Which means, it's hot desert in the North, Mediterranean in the Central region, a cold, Alpine climate in the South, and even colder in the Far South with Antarctic conditions. And all this is happening while the Andes quietly watches over, majestically dipped in snow.

For a Chilean cultural fiesta, set your travel alarms for September 18. Best decision, I promise! Join the entire nation engrossed in Fiestas Patrias, celebrating Chile's Independence from Spain. Embrace the vibrant music, flutter amidst the whirl of cueca dance, and relish the traditional barbecues. This is your chance to party, Chile-style!

Now, those craving architectural impressive feats shouldn't miss the modern wonder of Santiago. The Sky Costanera, the tallest building in Latin America, offers a giddying vista of the city paired with a backrest of snow-capped Andes. Not to forget the Easter Island, proud home to the world-famous moai statues, a mysterious marvel reflecting the Rapa Nui culture.

So, suitcase at the ready? You're about to embark on the most diverse adventure of your life, discovering a country that nearly ticks every box on your globe-trotting checklist!

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