How much to tip in Lisbon

Are you ready for an adventure filled with maritime marvels, patterned pavements, and pasteis de nata? Then buckle up, dear reader, because we are off to Lisbon, Portugal's city of seven hills! While you're surely savvy about what to see and where to eat, you might still be stumped when the bill comes and it's time to tip. Fear not, intrepid traveller, for your guide to Lisbon tipping etiquette awaits!

How much to tip at restaurants

Tipping with cash
US cash and coins placed on a restaurant receipt, highlighting the practice of tipping for service.

My dear epicureans, when dining in Lisbon at a traditional tasca or a posher establishment, a minor yet meaningful 10 to 15% of the total bill will be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind though, these seasoned serveurs aren't on tenterhooks for your tip - it's merely a cherry atop a pasteis de nata, not an obligatory garnish.

How much to tip at coffee shops

Table with tip and coffee
A customer leaves money as a tip next to a half-drunk cup of coffee, exhibiting the common practice of tipping for service.

Ah, the humble coffee shop, Lisbon's equal of the London pub or Parisian café. Stepping into these aromatic alcoves, frequented by Lisboetas and ardent caffeine aficionados, a simple rounding up to the nearest euro or leaving the small change is considered courteous. Trust me, handing out a warm thank you and a few cents is your surefire ticket to be remembered as maçã do olho (the apple of one's eye)!

How much to tip at bars

Now, in the bustling bars of Bairro Alto or the chic cocktail dens in Chiado, the tipping convention is a bit different. A round or two (or three, who's counting?) in and you might wonder if you should scatter a few euros. Well, just as in coffee shops, rounding up your bar tab or leaving loose change will do just fine. Not mandatory, mind you, but think of it as an olive branch to Bacchus, the god of revelry!

How much to tip in a taxi

Hailing a taxi in Lisbon, you'll likely encounter a friendly cab driver ready to regale you with local lore. Unlike other places, in Lisbon, these fascinating fellows don't expect a tip. However, rounding up your fare or tipping a euro or two for those enthralling tales would certainly add a spring to their step.

Should you tip with card or cash

We now come to the great tipping question: cash or card? Well, dear traveller, while plastic pays virtually everywhere in Lisbon, in the world of tips, cash is king. Nothing beats the sheer simplicity and instant gratitude of a cash tip.

So, there you have it, tipping etiquette untwisted in the tantalising tapestry of this Atlantic haven! So whether you're strolling through Alfama's warren-like alleys, navigating NAVY's avant-garde menu, or contemplating a post-ginjinha nap, don't forget to make someone's day with a little extra. Lisbon is ready to steal your heart (and maybe a few euros in tips!).