Top things to do in Las Vegas

Best places to visit in Las Vegas

Welcome to Sin City, the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas. This glimmering city has more to offer than meets the eye and I can't wait to take you along on this virtual tour!

The Bellagio Fountains

What hits 'water magic' right on the head? Yes, it's the Bellagio Fountains. This carefully choreographed water feature dances to a variety of numbers, whether it's Sinatra or Bach, creating a delightful spectacle. The show, which takes place every 15-30 minutes, is a mesmerizing swirl of water, music, and lights and is absolutely free. This is Las Vegas at its most elegant and is a must-see attraction.

The Strip

Let's now strut down The Strip together! This 2.5 miles long central section of Las Vegas Boulevard is decked with entertainment palaces – hotels, casinos, performance venues, and fine dining – a vibrant splash of fun. At night, The Strip becomes a fantastical neon wonderland that has to be seen to be believed.

Fremont Street Experience

Next up, we explore the historic Fremont Street. This legendary street is where the city's gambling scene began. Today, it offers a pedestrian-only area with all kinds of unique attractions. Enjoy free nightly shows featuring 12.5 million lights and 550,000 watts of amazing sound at Viva Vision, as well as the intricate aerial acrobatics hovering above at SlotZilla Zip Line. Trust me, your twitching camera finger won't rest a second, capturing the infectious energy of this delightful chaos!

Must see places in Las Vegas

The Neon Museum

Every city has its past, but The Neon Museum showcases Las Vegas' past... in lights! This is an extraordinary collection of neon signage from the city's history, lovingly preserved and displayed. You literally walk through enchanting stories of Las Vegas' bygone eras, underlining its audacious spirit.

The High Roller

If you are having difficulty grasping the enormity of this city, take a spin on The High Roller. Not your ordinary Ferris wheel, this is the world's tallest observation wheel — over 100 feet taller than the famed London Eye! From the top, you get an eagle's view of the sparkling city, stretching out beneath you like a blanket of stars.

Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon

And finally, break away from the glamour of the city and step into the grandeur of nature – the Hoover Dam and subsequently, the Grand Canyon, are just short trips away. Imagine marvelling at this gigantic man-made wonder and then immersing yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Grand Canyon, all in a day. It's every bit as breathtaking as you’ve imagined, if not more.

And with that my friends, we conclude our boisterous jaunt around Las Vegas. No matter what piques your interest, Vegas is always ready to dazzle. So, next time you're there, make sure to follow this trusty guide for an unforgettable whirlwind tour of unforgettable experiences. Until then, happy virtual travels!