What you need to know about money in New York City

What Currency Does New York City Use Now

Using ATM machine
A person is captured in the process of withdrawing money from an automatic teller machine (ATM).

Hello curious travelers! Our first stop is the language of commerce or, in other words, money. The currency that makes the city that never sleeps tick and turn is the United States Dollar (USD). You might hear locals refer to it as "buck", just one of the vibrant phrases that paint the city's linguistic landscape. So, in case you're eager to buy that "Everything Bagel" in NYC, you've got to have some bucks in your kitty!

Credit and Debit Cards in New York City

Next up on our metro-journey are credit and debit cards. Remember when we used to say, "there's an app for that"? Well, today we say, "there's a card for that." Almost everywhere you go in NYC, the green light for credit and debit cards shines bright. Museums, hotels, restaurants, tiny bookshops tucked away in charming alleys, even most yellow cabs accept cards. But hold on to your horses! Always keep an eye on your bank's foreign transaction fees. They can sneak up like a Broadway showstopper's final note!

Using Cash in New York City

Person using ATM
A close-up view of an individual withdrawing money from an automated teller machine (ATM), emphasizing the convenience of banking technology.

Time for some 'green talk'! No, not that green, we're talking about cold hard cash. Yes, plastic might be dominating the world, but in NYC, they haven't completely kicked the cash habit. Small vendors, some food trucks, and the famous hot dog stands still appreciate a crisp dollar bill. Following the motto "Cash is King" won't lead you astray in New York City.

ATMs in New York City

Popping over to our next spot - ATMs or 'Automated Teller Machines'. These 24/7 lifesavers are scattered all across New York City, as common as those lively jazz bars. And guess what? Many of them happily cater to international cards. But don't forget to check your bank's charges for ATM withdrawals, you don't want any unpleasant surprises ruining your beautiful NYC day!

Bank Hours

Finally, let's unlock the nine-to-five world of bank hours. The typical banking hours in New York City run from Monday to Friday, usually 9 AM to 5 PM. Some branches might play hooky on the weekend, but you can find others open on Saturdays, bringing some sunshine to your banking chores. But with fantastic 24/7 ATMs at every corner, your need to visit a bank might be as rare as a quiet moment in Times Square.

Sprinkling our journey's end with the brilliance of NYC's skyline, remember it's always wise to mix your options. Carry a combination of cards, cash, and a ready-to-go attitude for a smooth sail in the bustling currents of New York City.