How much to tip in New York City

Well hello there, tips connoisseur! Buckle up! Because we're about to traverse the hustle and bustle of New York City to unlock the mysteries of tipping etiquette!

How much to tip at restaurants

Ah, the classic New York City dining scene, where cultures meet and cuisines intersect. When it comes to tipping at restaurants, a rule of thumb is 15% to 20% of the pre-tax bill, depending on the service quality. A good starting point is 18%, and from there, you can adjust based on your server's performance. Remember, your tip goes a long way for their livelihood.

How much to tip at coffee shops

Navigating the coffee shop tipping culture can be as tricky as ordering a triple, venti, soy, no foam latte! For these brief and often rushed interactions, a dollar for your morning cup of Joe is an appreciated gesture. If they remember your name and favorite order? That might be worth tossing an extra coin into the tip jar, don't you think?

How much to tip at bars

Next stop - the city's buzzing bars! Whether it's a sleek rooftop bar or a charming speakeasy, the $1 per drink rule generally applies. Ordering a cocktail with seven ingredients and an accompanying song? Make it $2. After all, entertainment isn't cheap! For a tab at the end of your night, reverting back to the 15%-20% rule works perfectly.

How much to tip in a taxi

Hopping in and out of cabs, feeling like you have been part of a car-chase scene from a movie? Such thrills deserve tips! For taxis, it's about 15% to 20% of the fare, though a minimum of $2 to $3 is also standard. Uber or Lyft? They have an in-app tipping feature, making it smooth sailing.

Should you tip with card or cash

And now, the age-old debate: card or cash tips? Aha, my dear friend, there isn't a definitive answer. Many employees prefer cash, as they can pocket it straight away. But tipping on card can sometimes be more convenient for you and ensures the restaurant reports all their earnings. Whichever method you choose, remember, it's the thought behind the tip that counts most.

There you have it, my dear tip navigating friends! A quick guide to tipping in our beloved Big Apple. Next time you're savoring that slice of authentic NYC pizza or swirling that Manhattan in hand, remember your tip is a token of gratitude, not a financial obligation. Until our next adventure, tip well and travel blissfully!