Best time to go to New York City

Best month to visit New York City

If you're dreaming of a classic New York City adventure with all the trimmings, the merriest month may just be December. The Big Apple shines brightly with holiday spirit and festive fun. From the iconic Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center to holiday window displays that turn Fifth Avenue into a whimsical winter tale, it's a spectacle not to be missed. Enjoy ice-skating under the stars in Central Park, or treat yourself to a hot pretzel while exploring the bustling holiday markets.

Cheapest time to go to New York City

Looking to enjoy the city that never sleeps without emptying your wallet? The period from January to early March is often considered the least expensive time to visit. Why? There's a significant drop in tourism after the holiday rush, which can lead to sweet deals on accommodation and airfare. It might be a bit chilly, but hey, that's a perfect excuse to cozy up in a Broadway theatre or one of the city's world-class museums.

Worst time of year to visit New York City

Ah, summer, with warm weather and free outdoor concerts, but also throngs of tourists and sizzling pavement. So, when it comes to New York, the period from mid-June to August can be, let's say, challenging. The city becomes overcrowded, the queues to major attractions are long, and the prices skyrocket. So unless you adore sticky hot subway rides with bonus crowd-surfing, you might want to avoid this peak season.

Weather in New York City

Wondering about the climatic specifics of New York City? Well, it offers a dramatic range, from hot, humid summers to cold, potentially snowy winters. The spring months are usually mild, while autumn is famous for its beautiful fall foliage.

To give you more clarity, here's a temperature overview for the city:

MonthAverage Temperature (°C)Average Temperature (°F)
January-3.3 to 2.826 to 37
February-2.8 to 3.327 to 38
March1.1 to 8.334 to 47
April5.6 to 13.942 to 57
May11.1 to 2052 to 68
June16.7 to 25.662 to 78
July20.6 to 28.969 to 84
August20.6 to 28.369 to 83
September16.1 to 24.461 to 76
October10 to 18.350 to 65
November4.4 to 11.140 to 52
December-0.6 to 531 to 41

Don't forget the golden rule for packing - layers, my friend, are your key to weathering whatever New York throws at you! Warm or cold, rain or shine, there's always something magical to discover in the maze of streets that make up this fantastic city. See you in Brooklyn Bridge Park or Times Square!