The Most Common Information Before a First Trip to New York City

Where is New York City on map

Okay, picture this - a bustling East Coast hub nestled snugly along America's northeastern shoreline. Where are we? You guessed it, New York City! Home to timeless landmarks, breathtaking skylines, and melting pots of culture, this city is an unforgettable patchwork on the United States map! By map coordinates? We're talking roughly 40.7 degrees latitude and -74 degrees longitude. So whether you're meandering around Midtown or jetting off to JFK, just remember you're centered near the heart of the northeastern US.

How big is New York City

Ah, man! Is New York City big? Might as well ask if a skyscraper's tall! It's not just big, it's sprawling, taking up about 302.6 square miles of real estate, to be exact. Now, that's before we've even popped into our chatty taxi to head out of Manhattan Island's concrete jungle. Include everything from the hip eateries of Brooklyn to the lush green of Staten Island? Now we're dealing with approximately 468.9 square miles! Talk about a super-sized serving of the Big Apple!

How many people live in New York City

Has anyone told you that living in New York City is like living in a real-life movie, with extras on every corner? Talk about a populous place! As of the last census in 2020, the city was brimming with over 8.8 million people. That’s a whole lot of friendly neighbors! From Broadway stars to Wall Street wizards, pizza chefs to fashion gurus - there are so many diverse and exciting characters calling this city home. Now that's what I call a blockbuster cast! Bearing in mind, New York City forms the largest urban agglomeration in the USA. So be prepared to make a bunch of new friends (and maybe a few Broadway cameos) when you visit NYC!