Top things to do in Genoa

Best places to visit in Genoa

The Enchanting Via Garibaldi

Wander down the cobblestones of Via Garibaldi and prepare yourself for a strolling symphony of centuries-past elegance and the pageantry alive in ornate palazzos. This UNESCO World Heritage status street will impress you with its flamboyant architecture and art - an aesthetic medley that dances between Baroque, Renaissance, and Mannerist periods.

The Dazzling Aquarium of Genoa

For those with a taste for underwater escapades that don't involve getting wet, the Aquarium of Genoa is your ticket. As one of the largest aquariums in Europe, it's a whirlwind tour of the world's seas showcasing more than 600 species - from playful dolphins to mesmerizing jellyfish, it’s an aquatic riot of education, conservation and bucket-loads of fun.

The Historic Lanterna

Genoa's skyline wouldn't be the same without Lanterna, the city's iconic lighthouse. The view from the top boasts a brilliant panorama of the city - a sight that comes sweeter knowing it's been lighting up the Harbor since the 12th century. Wrap up the visit by dipping into the museum tucked inside, filled to the brim with historical tidbits.

Must see places in Genoa

The Ancient Portico di Sottoripa

Steeped in history and stirred with local charm, Portico di Sottoripa is one of those 'blink and you'll miss it' spots. This medieval portico is a true heartthrob of Genoa, housing traditional shops and vibrant food stalls wafting with tantalizing scents. Experience a true taste of Genoa - figuratively and literally.

The Majestic San Lorenzo Cathedral

Rumor has it, if you haven't been to San Lorenzo Cathedral, you haven't been to Genoa. The grandeur of this cathedral, with intricate marble inlays, stunning frescoes and a treasury that would make Fort Knox blush, is simply transcendent. Quietly nestled inside a vibrant city, it’s a time-capsule of spirituality frozen in architecture.

The Art-filled Palazzo Rosso

Finally, cap your visit to Genoa with a trip to Palazzo Rosso, an opulent palace-turned-art-museum. Dripping in Genoese aristocratic charm and brimming with Renaissance masterpieces, it's a riotous adventure of hues and history waiting to allure your senses. Don't forget to take the elevator to the rooftop for a sweeping view of the city. Ah, Genoa, you gorgeous thing!

So, whether you're an art-buff, history fanatic, or just a wanderlust-filled traveler, Genoa unfolds itself as a treasure trove that refuses to run out of timeless marvels. Get ready to soak up the irresistible charm of this Italian gem!