What to do in Genoa at night

As twilight descends on the world-renowned city of Genoa, an entirely new side of Italy's hidden gem flawlessly transitions into the spotlight. Its nightlife reveals an exquisite blend of timeless tradition and contemporary excitement, a place where laughter, music, and camaraderie resonate against the backdrop of centuries-old architecture. From the energetic beats pulsating at Banano Tsunami, the quaint charm of The Old Pharmacy Pub, the engaging environment of Britannia Pub, to the coastal allure of Estoril Beach Club and the lively conversations at Fronte del Porto - every destination is a unique tale waiting to be explored. So, why just read? Let's embark on this adventurous nocturnal journey, navigating through the mesmerizing evenings that make Genoa an irresistible hotspot beyond its stunning daylight allure.

  • Banano Tsunami

    Welcome to Genoa, Italy, home of the vibrant spectacle known as the Banano Tsunami! This isn't your typical tidal wave. Get ready for a sea of yellow to flood the streets as the local community comes together for this whimsical annual event. Thousands of inflatable bananas are released down the city's iconic Via XX Settembre, turning the historic thoroughfare into a river of bobbing yellow. The extravaganza, promising bags full of laughter, merriment, and camaraderie, symbolizes not just a celebration of the city's vibrant character, but also the spirit of unity and shared fun. Trust me; it's one sight you don't want to miss when in Genoa. Surfs Up!

  • Pub exterior view
    The colorful facade of The Old Pharmacy Pub in Genoa, Italy, bustling with activity as pedestrians pass by.
    The Old Pharmacy Pub

    Steeped in centuries-old charm and quirkiness, The Old Pharmacy Pub in picturesque Genoa, Italy, is much more than just a watering hole. This quaint pub, with its high shelves filled to the brim with curious knick-knacks, harks back to its origin as a time-honored apothecary. Serving a medley of fantastic craft beers and unassuming local dishes, it's where stories of the city's illustrious past blend seamlessly with the bubbling sounds of friendly chatter. So, step into The Old Pharmacy Pub, a hidden gem where history and hops collide, and let's make a toast to the prevailing allure of old Genoa!

  • Traditional pub interior
    The classic charm of the Britannia Pub in Genoa, showcasing its wooden furnishings and cozy atmosphere.
    Britannia Pub

    Get ready to dive into an authentic British experience right at the heart of Genoa, Italy! The Britannia Pub is a delightful nook, carefully designed to bring alive the spirit of a quintessential English pub. Teeming with a wide array of finely brewed ales, ciders, and classic pub fare that somehow manages to be both rustic and refined, it's an unexpected treasure among the winding lanes of Genoa. The pub blends the old-world charm of the British Isles with the warm, lively ambience of Italy making you feel right at home. So, here's to wonderful evenings shared over hearty meals and exhilarating conversations, as the Britannia Pub adds a sprightly dash of British zest to your Italian adventure.

  • Beach club interior
    The luxurious interior of Estoril Beach Club in Genoa, Italy, showcases a modern design with elegantly set tables ready for guests.
    Estoril Beach Club

    How about a slice of Mediterranean blue matched with the charm of Italian hospitality? Pirate hats off to Estoril Beach Club, tucked away in the splendid beauty of Genoa, Italy. Here, the air rings with laughter, the pulse of lively music, and, of course, the soothing whispers of the azure sea. From the glittering waves to the cozy beach loungers, Estoril is more than just a beach club. It's an entire summer experience packed into one beautiful coastal pocket. So, sun-lovers and sea-chasers, this is your call to anchor down at Genoa's exhilarating Estoril Beach Club. Innit a treat?

  • Fronte del Porto

    Ah, Genoa! Universal city, birthplace of Christopher Columbus, and home to the iconic Fronte del Porto. This sprawling waterfront zone, stretching from the ancient Porto Antico to the modern trade docks, is a lively hub of culture and commercial life that encapsulates Genoa's enduring maritime spirit. With its backdrop of historic buildings, interspersed with profusions of cafes, museums, and piazzas, the Fronte del Porto serves up a delightful fusion of old and new. All seasoned with that quintessential Italian charm - it's bella vita (beautiful life) at its best!